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However, the distinction is common enters at least two important white groups: internal addressees of the corporation (for example, council members, directors, controlling, administrators in general, etc.) and a sufficiently narrow band of external groups (for example, shareholders, financial agencies of credit, analysts, insuring, etc.). Thus, systems of accounting, external intern or, can be distinguished, depending on the intention of the system how much to the purpose in satisfying necessity of information for stakeholders internal or external. Additional information is available at James Joseph Truchard. What it can be perceived is that the conventional accounting is an important ferramenata for the corporations in general. Beyond being an instrument of patrimonial control, financial analysis and control of the flows of materials, it is an instrument of spreading of internal and external information, that if destine to take to all stakeholders, the necessary information to the analysis and accompaniment of the diverse activities developed for the corporations. 2.2. The HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF the AMBIENT ACCOUNTING the world today attends a historical change in the socioeconmico behavior of the humanity, where more important the ambient aspects become each time, given the inference where these aspects had started to have in the economy. According to EDWARDS (2005), we today live a true revolution, which it called, to a large extent it occults and incompreendida, of Revolution Support that it is affecting economic, ecological, social and cultural the aspects of the society in the world as a whole. The salient author, still, that in way to the invasions them great groups and great focadas nets of supermarket in the exaggerated consumerism, observe glance of this transformation in the increasing number of hybrid cars, installations of aeolian and solar energy generation, the ressurgimento in the market of producers of organic products; the introduction of ecological curricular topics in the schools and university; the construction of ecological projects restoring bows with the community, and the great group number in the whole world working in questions as the climatic restoration of the habitat of the people, alterations, labor laws, local currencies, and the protection of its economies. .

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