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This because its objective ones always go to esbarrar in its process of accomplishment. The accumulation of cultures is so advanced nowadays that any educative process it needs an institucional organization supports that it, in order to get an infrastructure to support and to keep the propagation of the education, as the production of professors, pertaining to school material, large-scale organization of resumes so that the transmission occurs knowing of them in mass. However, all this organization is atrelada to the activities of the State. Hear other arguments on the topic with Titan Feul Tanks. But the Union is capable to collect resources enough to mount this great institucional apparatus. Moreover, the State always is atrelado to the one interests determined social classroom, dominates that it. the interest of the State in the Education is that this propagates the ideology that to interest this ruling class.

The reality in Brazil forms professionals who are ready recriara social situation, as well as, those that are capable to contest and to criticize this institucional organization, with a basic paper in the educational politics, with the objective to extend the capacities new human beings and to reconstruct alternative, diversified, never equal and similar, therefore each people and nation must have autonomy to construct to its State and its Education. In short, to argue the public politics demands much research to reach reasons that if approach to the truth and assist to explain the reason, although Brazil, to possess a net of social politics with as much social inaquality and a people with the most changeable necessities that the State, for proper itself, ‘ ‘ teria’ ‘ as obligation to take care of them. With this, it is of great urgency that has a true transformation in the educational scope, so that if it exerts a democratization of the quality of the education, which not only forms the professional to act in the market, but also, to form a reflective and operating citizen with conscience and social environment critical sense in its.

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