Covered Electrodes

Storage conditions (*): Electrodes should be kept in original packaging. The electrodes must be protected from rain and moisture. Storage relative humidity is 40% or less. Storage temperatures should be constant and greater than 15 C. Boxes with the electrodes should be stored on shelves or pallets to avoid direct contact with the floor and walls. During welding, the open air should be taken to prevent falling rain and moisture to open packs of electrodes. You should not take more electrodes than required for 1-day or 2-hdnevnogo consumption. Calcination: Rutile: Ignition is not required.

In the case of absorb moisture it is recommended electrodes calcined at a temperature of 100-150 C for 1-2 hours. At lower temperatures, calcination time, calcination should be increased. Cellulose Finish: electrodes with cellulose coating is not as susceptible to absorption of moisture. Calcination should be done carefully to avoid cracking. In general, however, ignite cellulosic electrodes is not recommended. In the case of appropriate calcination temperature should not exceed 70 C.

Main cover and alloy electrodes: If the electrodes are stored in the recommended conditions (15 C / RH 40%) and in original packaging the need for ignition is missing. When removing the protective film packs with basic electrodes past, ie electrodes should be placed in a heating chamber at 50 C. Calcining is recommended in case of autopsy cases and exposure of the electrodes exposed to air for more than 2 hours. Basic coated electrode alloyed electrodes and calcined for 2-3 hours at 250-400 C. It is not recommended, however, subjected to calcination the same electrodes for more than 3 times. It should be borne in mind that any packaging used, no matter how perfect it was, did not prevent the process of saturation coverage of the electrodes with moisture, but only slows down it. For example, tightly wrapped in polyethylene film electrodes with basic coating during storage in a humid atmosphere gaining an excessive amount of moisture and require baking already after 25-30 days when stored in dry area – after 120-180 days, in packaging and storing in sealed metal boxes – 1 year. Deadline for storing unpackaged electrodes in the workplace, depending on the humidity of air was from 2 to 8 hours. Thus, regardless of quality packaging and electrodes on a mandatory basis – especially when the responsible works – must pass before re-welding operation baking. (*) These terms and conditions of storage relate to the electrodes with basic coating. For electrodes with rutile and cellulosic storage conditions are not as stringent.

GRU Pressure

Gas control points or installation (EMG GRU) – special technological equipment and systems of gas distribution devices in the system of industrial and municipal housing supply. Serve to reduce inlet gas pressure after gas power station and its support for a given constant value, followed by submission to consumers. The main components of fracture: 1) gas pressure regulator, 2) filter for removal of solids, 3) pressure relief valves, 4) instrumentation, 5) meters of gas passing. Depending on the placement of equipment distinguish types of EMG: cabinet gas control points (GRPSH, RPn). The equipment is housed in a compact GRPSH metal cabinet and is intended to reduce the gas pressure with high or medium to the required parameters, and automatic support for the outlet pressure regardless of drops the input gas pressure and flow. In a system for cleaning GRPSH gas supply from various admixtures in accordance with the requirements of GOST, and to automatically adjust the gas supply in case of emergency increase or decrease pressure. GRPSH widely used as a stand-alone gas control points in the gas supply different sizes of settlements, industrial, agricultural, mlm municipal facilities.

With domestic gas supplies are used with a two-stage system GRPSH reduction. Gas control block points (GPB, SGS). The equipment is mounted in one or more containers (Blocks). Gas control plant (GRU, PG). The equipment is mounted on the frame and most often placed in the room, where the gas-powered plant (boiler, industrial furnace, etc.). The market offers a variety of SRC construction: houses, with two lines of reduction, with one line of reduction + bayzapas, with primary and backup lines, with two lines and two others bayzapasami and EMG may be a serial or parallel installation of controls, different configurations of gas metering, different placement of the entrance and exit, with one or two outlets, etc. When choosing a type of fracture are also important operating parameters gas pressure regulator (pressure at the inlet and outlet, the bandwidth), security and reliability in adverse environmental conditions (eg, at low and high temperatures), the protection system of various unusual situations. Today's manufacturers offer additional instrumentation for precision gas flow, as well as designs and manufactures gas control installation, based on the individual customer requirements.


For the production of breeze blocks and other building products, the following individual components: cement, aggregates, water, chemical additives – plasticizers and modifiers of concrete (at the request of customer). The binder material can be used by Portland both low and high grades, as well as medlennotverdeyuschy gypsum. As the filler used in any combination of sand, gravel screenings, concrete block, slag, ash, sawdust, peat, Styrofoam pellets, peschanogranitnaya mixture (CBC), marble chips, bricks and fight, etc. At a temperature of 20-25 C hardening products takes place in 20-25 hours. When used for shelving podblochnyh plates of steaming can be organized that will positively affect the strength characteristics and reduced curing time items, as well as reduce the production area occupied by up to 30-40 square meters. It is recommended to use Portland cement grade 400 (PC M400). When using cement mark 300 cement consumption should increase by 10%, the use of cement grade five hundredth reduces its consumption by 10-20%. For mini production breeze blocks, we recommend to purchase upgraded machine 'EP – 600'.

Its cost is 95 thousand rubles. It is intended for the manufacture of the method of volume vibropressing of heavy and light concretes wide range of products: 1.Plitka sidewalk and curb stone of various shapes and colors of the original. 2.Pustotelye and sandstone wall and partition stones, the elements overlap. 3.Dekorativnye walling and cladding stones of different colors. 4.Zabornye and lawn elements and other elements of the redevelopment. In the manufacture of concrete products used environmentally friendly materials: natural sand and crushed, lightfast pigments plasticizers, cement brand or M400 M500.

United States Market

So, if we try to clean your body of fluid through a well-known means for called 'steam' or 'restaurant', but do not clear before that the intestine and liver, the benefits of such cleaning will not be much. Indeed, toxins (poisons) the liver and intestine immediately get into the blood and poison the body will begin again. The main pollutant of the internal environment is the large intestine. Naturally, the cleaning procedures should begin with him. After cleaning the intestine into the blood will no longer receive hazardous substances.

Further should clean the liver. The liver is a natural filter, and all the blood from the gut before you start your path and go throughout the body, first passes through the liver. So if you are not okay with a thick bowel, or you simply do not eat right (which is typical for the vast majority), then of course and your liver needs to be cleaned. Which method to choose? What methods are in the market? The choice of technique. Just here you will be most difficult. Currently the market offers a huge number of techniques and products and methods – many of which are not only dubious, but often dangerous. We will not criticize other people's techniques, but strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor. Choosing the method to be used in our spa, we had a very sereznae study the world's methods, different research institutions of the West, Korea, Japan and the United States.

And chose a complex system of detoxification of the intestine and liver: BIOVITA – Haruman EZ-101, A, B. How much does the cleaning Sangor? Of course compared to the cost of not the right approach in the choice of technique, but also important. In the market a wide number of 'cheap' and expensive techniques can not be justified. Exploring the market, we found that we can please our customers and this parameter – 'the price – quality "full detoxification (removal) of the intestine for our Customer – 14000 rub. complete detoxification (removal) of the liver for our customers – 16500 rub.

Bible World

Nothing has changed in the world, except my thoughts and Nate you: the rain has suddenly turned out contrary to the ordinary, says go for a walk grow up! And in the lumina of the clouds – the sun's rays. Soon the sun declare all of their rights! And write like! And want to live. And yet you want in a gym. Knead the muscles, feel your body. Problems? But who today without any problems! We shall solve in order of importance. Well now I'm saying "We will solve …" And just recently in my life was so besprosvet! Everyone probably it happens! Thought. Strangely, no one sees our thoughts, but they paint the world around us in certain colors. All the religions of the world assert that depression is a terrible sin, but we have neither the Bible nor the Koran is not read – and therefore do not know what sadness sin.

And yet it is so. Sadness is a sin not only before God but also to society, and in front of him! It has long been known that people communicating not only get their information from the words of the interlocutor, but also because of its filling, can of liver from the intestine may be, no matter where. After all, everyone knows, came across, was held. Standing talking to a man, he sings the praises and you you know: now asks to borrow money. And you do not like his compliments, even though you know that well-deserved compliments! Even more interesting to compare his feeling of a big city with good and bad mood. When the mood good, then the world is huge and beautiful.

Training Camp Elite Hockey Schools

Sport Database ‘Sparta’ GK Anapa is hosting a large, well-kept green area base complex of buildings located hotel, football field and basketball court. The two-storey housing, have 2-5 local numbers. Each room is equipped with beds, bedside tables, wardrobe, table and chairs. Convenience, bathrooms and showers are located in a block on each floor. The hotel base has a sauna with a swimming pool, recreation room, parking on the territory of a football field and basketball. Shuttle bus to the sea by the recreation center. The price of accommodation includes accommodation, use of a football field 2 hours a day, a basketball court not limited, to deliver to the beach and back.

The cost of permits in June – September – 500 rubles per person per night includes all meals. Additional amenities include a sauna with a pool of 400 rubles per hour, a parking lot in 25 rubles day. Sport Base ‘Sparta’ invites leaders of creative teams, sports organizations, directors of children’s and youth sports schools coaches to cooperate in organizing and holding fees competition, recreation athletes. On the basis of the sports ‘Sparta’ annually: * * Football tournament championship of Russia on bast * Training – Training Camp basketball players, cyclists * Training – Training Camp Elite Hockey Schools * Training – Training Camp swimmers, athletes and other conditions of the base can accommodate spotsmenov with disabilities. Accept bus tours! Self-catering accommodation 150 rubles per person per night. Stay in June – September – 500 rubles per person per night, includes meals. Meals three times a day 350 rubles per person per night may be taken separately just for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or at any combination. Regularly, our clients are creative groups: participants in parades, festivals, celebrations taking place in GK Anapa.

NetHunter Mitsubishi

A distinctive feature of the platform VCA presence is the ability to monitor multiple objects (up to 100 simultaneously) control for camera manipulation, transmitting a signal to the video server, including the displacement direction of observation, shrouded, brushing or breach the objective lens. Building features built-in analytics server by using an optional package VCA surveillance. This version of the software provides for the electronic stabilization of the video camera allows classify objects by size and speed, to set "acceptable" and "unacceptable" the direction of movement of objects, their stop in the wrong place, or delay in the controlled area for longer allowable time fix the appearance / disappearance of objects, etc. Also, the new video server Smartec with VCA surveillance makes it possible to count the number of objects over time. To create a multi-channel video surveillance systems, which operate in new video servers and other IP-series devices NEYRO brand Smartec, it is recommended to use the software NetStation, capable of serving up to 32 video channels on one server account. This software provides a great opportunity for viewing and recording video / audio, you can create interactive graphics planes of the object (eMar) and build massive surveillance systems architecture "client-server". In addition, the video server may be running other software manufacturers, for example, the software company NetHunter Mitsubishi, which supports basic and advanced video analytics VCA. The new single-channel video server Smartec STS-IPTX161 already entered the Russian market, and can be purchased at a retail price of 400 USD, incl.

For more information on these and other video servers mark Smartec please e-mail or call (495) 787-33-42 Sales Department "ARMO-Systems", which is the official distributor Smartec equipment in Russia and the CIS, or the regional offices "Armo". Under the brand name Smartec, a wide range of equipment to create classic and IP-video surveillance systems of any configuration and complexity. The composition of this product line includes analog and network cameras (B / W, color and day-night), domes, 4 -, 8 -, 16 – and 32-channel video recorders, 17-32-inch LCD-monitors, IP-cameras, varifocal lenses, IP-video server, camera housings, Infrared illuminators, brackets, power supplies, etc. The main competitive advantage of equipment Smartec – this functionality, high quality and reliability of the devices when they are affordable and the availability of professional technical support and service in Russia.

Rubber Stamps

Fonts So we have to collect stamp on print. We scanned the sheet, which was affixed seal, or have a scanned image by e-mail, imported into CorelDraw and now we need to create precise vector copy. A reprint of the alignment so that the press was right (bottom of the press can be an asterisk, the name of the city: Moscow, Saratov, etc.), and the name of the firm has a strictly horizontal. A reprint can be locked so that it not shifted with further manipulation – because the copy will be recruited onto the bitmap image. After that, everything is easy: draw the required number of circles, put up the correct outline, typed the entire text, present in the press and put up along the curve.

And here we encounter a major problem maker-stamp – type of vector text, typed by us, is totally different from the original. Long and tedious Flipped the editor of fonts installed on your system, shows that there is no such font. What should I do? And this is the main problem of the restoration print reprint – to find the desired fonts. And well, if you have time and order issued on the following day, and if you have a maximum of 20-30 minutes? But forty minutes later comes a client who you have promised to urgently make a seal in one hour! By default, Windows is installed somewhere to hundreds of fonts (Depending on the version), and only half of them normally Russified. True, two of them are quite often used in seals, I mean, Arial and Times New Roman, but expect that all printing will be recruited by these fonts are not necessary. And given that designers often use the contraction and expansion of fonts, especially in the title of the press, fat and italic writing, the same Times New Roman in bold italic writing and the maximum narrowed to fit in a circle, you just do not know. A font that you identified with joy as Arial, is absolutely wrong and is built along the circle does not coincide mezhbukvennomu distance (kerning and tracking) the characters seem to be narrower than should be, especially the figures and letter kvoobsche some defective! The fact that this is not Arial, and Pragmatica, perhaps, the most popular and frequently used font manufacturers seals.

Vladimir Mayakovsky

" Feasibility Study (FS) on the organization of a full production cycle, you can see the links at the end of the article. Monosota – a world opportunities. Therefore, we can build on monosotostruktur installations and facilities for various purposes. For business, agriculture, for farming, shopping and entertainment centers business centers, townhouse, villas, apartment buildings and much more. All this is based on one monosoty from which to create monosotostruktura specific purpose. Theo production monosotostruktur you to links at the end of the article. Propose that government agencies implement the following actions to implement the socially significant super-task (sentences are logically arranged on case studies, each case with the documents you can found on the site): Case number 1.

Implement the project "Concept Cities of the Future – creating a unified concept of autonomous and independent functioning of intelligent cities. "After four years there will be a garden city!" – So read poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky, written in 1929. The concept of the proposed LLC Plazna "on a plan of founders decide on the construction of new towns and ecosettlements in record time, which dramatically for the better differ from that time period, which is described by Vladimir Mayakovsky. Eco-settlement – an issue that interested in a variety of sectors of society. He is also interested in hard workers, and intellectuals. This topic is relevant for those people who just need accommodation and for those people who want to be healthy, and for those people who have kids. How to play a winning combination for people who want to change their living conditions? The answer to this question Technology monosotostruktur.

Pessimistic Customers

They may be someone from your staff, or specially invited people. It is important to make this work with high quality and integrity. Need to work 2-3 days. Strengths (focus on what your company really strong). It is important to clarify the actual state of affairs.

Dreams about their opportunities pleasing heart, but are extremely harmful to the cause. The uniqueness and competitiveness of our products. Strengths team. Strategy and tactics, position in the market, different groups of prices, different brands, flexibility of working with customers (discounts, concessions), etc. Outcome: Identify and concentrate on what that at this point you can do better than your competitors.

How valid can be used to hold the existing positions and for active development. Weaknesses (all that can interfere with exercise plans). Weakness is all better now and know the real condition than to be in good ignorance. Adversity. Lack of resources (material, financial, labor). Insufficient coverage of the market. The lag in product development. Narrow range of consumers. Poor knowledge of competitors, etc. Bottom line: find out where an urgent need to "straw litter," fill holes, etc. From what we can get rid of ballast (customers, assets, inefficient methods of work, etc.)? Threat. Simulate variations of the crisis, even the most adverse. How can you act in each of them? Set the indicators that can be identified approximation adverse events. How will they react? What can I do today? Changes in legislation retroactively, inflation, competition, deteriorating financial condition of customers, competitors, monopolists Rapid change in market prices, availability of products – alternatives, lack of stability in the market of raw materials, Dishonesty of partners, etc. Bottom line: reduce the overall level of uncertainty in the team because clarifies options developments and possible action prescribed by the occurrence of each of them. Life is bound to be surprises, but you have the ability to improvise. Indeed, except for a plan A, there is a plan B, C, as well as combinations thereof. Opportunities. Analyze how their own selfish ends, you can use the current crisis. What will happen in your sector, industry in general? And the neighbors? Misses the competition? How can we learn from this benefit? Where there are provisions to which previously did not get his hands? Bottom line: you have to write a detailed strategy for the company, using the current situation to their advantage. If the map traced the movement – many of the points are understandable and there are options for movement. A must-go! And move your head, actively seeking out new opportunities. In military aviation said: "If you move your head 360 degrees – you are a fighter, if you look just in front of you – you are somebody's target. " It is useless to live in the past – as well as wrong then and now. Your tomorrow depends on what will be done today. And yet, until there is a pause and the pre-holiday lull, it's time do something for so long waiting in the wings – to meet and sincerely thank the most loyal customers, to communicate with employees and colleagues, to reshape and streamline business processes, train new skills the team. Life continues and one day at corporate parties, you will recall the words of the famous song, "This day we were close as they could." Pessimistic or optimistic on the plan, but the current downturn will end. Begin active development. And it needs to prepare now. See you at the working groups!

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