International Monetary Fund

Passos Coelho includes four independent ones in its Executive. It will have to approach serious reforms stops in exchange for the 78,000 million Euros that will receive from the EU and the International Monetary Fund. Prime minister designated of Portugal, the conservative Pedro Passos Coelho, announced east Friday the composition of his Government, trained by only eleven ministers, five less than in the previous socialist Executive, and in whom there are two women and four independent ones. Passos Coelho, that gained the elections of day 5 the past, leaves in addition three ministries (Outer, Social Security and Agriculture) into the hands of Christian Democrat to the Democratic Center and Social (CDS-PP) with which this Thursday signed a pact of legislature to guarantee the absolute majority in the Parliament. Members of the Democratic Social Party (PSD, center-right) of new prime minister, will assume the portfolios of Justice, Interior, Subjects Parlamentarios and Dnsa, whereas Finances, Economy, Education and Health are assumed by independent.

Passos Coelho had announced in the campaign electoral an Executive of only ten members who, according to political sources, extended itself in one during the negotiations of the pact of Government with the CDS-PP. In the preservative Cabinet other three disappear two ministries of the socialist stage (Culture and Presidency) and are integrated in different portfolios (Public Works, Transports and Communications Integra in Economy, Atmosphere in Agriculture and Education Superior in Education). The agreement of Government between the PSD and the CDS-PP gives priority to the financial commitments of Portugal, that must fulfill a severe program of austerity and reforms in exchange for receiving the 78,000 million Euros granted by the EU and the International Monetary Fund in April. Source of the news: The new Portuguese Government presents/displays his composition with five ministries less

Universal Declaration

It is the beginning of the French Revolution unchained by the incapacity of the King Luis XVI to face the serious financial crisis that if abates on the French State. With the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen, approved for the Constituent National Assembly in August of 1789, they are defended a series of measures between them the defense of the private property as sacred and inviolable, it institutes the personal freedom and the legal equality. From now, revolutionary France is in foot of war with the European monarchies, which the new French government makes entire opposition. From the Constitution written in September, they had been established the parliamentary monarchy, the civil equality, I confiscate it of the goods of the Church catholic, and the prohibition of formation of laboring associations and strikes. The partisan formation if would give of the following form: the Girondinos, seated of the right side of the parliament, representing the high bourgeoisie with majority and the support of the King; the Jacobinos, seated of the left side of the parliament, representing to the small average bourgeoisie, and the campesinato led by Robespierre. Initiate in 1789, with the Installation of the National Assembly and the approval of the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Taking of the Bastilha in 14 of July of the same year, with occupation of the Palace of Versailles, initiates it first phase of the Revolution restoring the first Republic. Exactly with the support of the high-bourgeoisie and conspiring to keep the Monarchy, the King runs away from the Country and tries an action against-revolutionary, also declaring war Austria. With the support of Austrians and prussianos that invade France it tries to come back to the power, but the popular Frenchmen finish defeating led by Robespierre, Marat and Danton who assume the government and the common people creates the Commune of Paris in August of 1792 and creates the national guards.

Radio: Origin And Diffusion

Robert Ramalho is Public Relations, was vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Public Relations, seccional of Alagoas (ABRP-AL), is professional journalist and lawyer. Summary: In the current days it is the radio in full century XXI, the one of the most important vehicles of communication of mass and formador of opinion together with Internet, having also surpassed the television. Not obstante, it is of more easy creation, with a sufficiently low financial cost. Having in little time one total recovery of the invested money. One knows, today that instead of diminishing, it has only increased the number of senders of radio in the whole world.

Not yet research in Brazil exists, but, without a doubt none, will have become fullfilled a research for the regulating agency the number of them will be very bigger of what notice is had. Words Key: Senders of radio, communication, mass, public, diffusion. 1. As everything started the Radio is defined as a station or one emitting device of programs of broadcasting, being considered a media them of mass for the majority studious, or of social nature, for others, and is based on the diffusion of the sonorous information by means of electromagnetic signals (hartezianas waves), through the diverse existing frequencies in kilohertz, megahertz and gigahertz. Its transmission happened for the first time in experimental way for the scientists Lee De Forrest and Reginald Aubrey Fessenden, at the beginning it century XX, in 1908, when in the high one of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, an emission was caught in the city of Marseilles, also in France. This, however if possible to happen thanks to perseverance of the American scientist Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the telegraph through wires, first system of communication invented in the world, responsible for the first transmission of long distance in the world. But they are the German scientist, Siemens, creator of the Dynamo in 1876, and Americans Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the transducer Mary had little lamb), quadrinha infantile American who would be part later of known Stories of Mother Goose.With the invention of an antenna capable to receive frequencies low, in the band of 30 kHz, for the Russian scientist Aleksander S.

The Network

This factor determined if its Web site were good or bad; so a site that counted on 300 I connect aiming towards him, probably it had been considered better than another Web site, at which they only pointed 10 to him I connect. The motors search have changed from those days. Now the motors search give to more importance to the bonds or connections him of similar sites. Its site only connects with other similar sites that are of high quality and. If its site is about how to play golf, then does not have to league together in line to a site on games. It would not have sense for the visitors of his site, and it would not have sense for the motors search. When it realises interchange of commercial bonds with a site of relevance and high quality, it asegrese to specify the place where the connection must be placed, inasmuch as time, and what would have to say.

Often I see people who interchange connections and within days the connected device has lowered the connection. We only make businesses with webmasters of confidence. Advice # 3 – To send your Site to the Directories This is a great way to obtain bonds or connections of high quality towards its Web site. It thinks about a bond to his site as a confidence vote. The directories Web are less popular than the motors search, but the relation with them would help to increase him its ranking in the finders. It is careful with those sites that asked for a payment to him by the presentation; I recommend to him that it begins by those gratuitous directories, since they exist very many in the network. It is important to try to obtain directory specialized or that they have relation with thematic of its Web site.

Curled Bulmaro

The present thing is to take the initiative and to make proposals creative that represent a benefit for the company. This proactive attitude towards the company will cause that they consider you as a key element for the profit of the objectives of the company. The same happens if you are in the process search of a use, you must take a passage in front of the organization, trying to arrive at the interviews with information with how you cover the profile and the expectations that are had for since they are going to contract. Of such form that you can enunciate the reasons of because the best option he is contratarte and not to another one of many or many candidates who are participating in the same process of selection. Nevertheless not is easy to sell initiative when level superior not has asked, or when the Administration of the company knows that a reduction of costs and expenses is necessary, but has not initiated no action to optimize the processes. If you are in some of these situations the important thing is to demonstrate in comparative form the benefits of your proposal, eliminated the possibilities that it is rejected. The one that is accepted or rejected the proposal depends on the importance of the benefits that throws the new procedure against the previous one, which surely it has been working per years. As one begins or that detonates the analysis of a process that takes to simplify it to us and To reduce to Costs and Expenses? The key word is creativity, abriendo the mind to different alternatives from how making the things.

If we like our work we are going it to consider as an art work in which she conjugates the imagination and the fantasy in search of opportunities, that when evaluating the resources that they comprise of the process economically materialize in weights and cents, or in the plane of the objective analysis of the process that can also be improved requires of much work and analysis to face any question or questioning on the benefits of the change. This new labor surroundings, surely are amazing for many, nevertheless the change already are occurring and not to recognize it can be catastrophic, the form to work in the future raises a series of challenges and new schemes that there are to assume with innovation, creativity and efficiency. P.c. Curled Bulmaro email: bcrespo@ofisur. com. MX Consultant and Adviser of Businesses focused in supporting to the companies in Reducing to its Costs and Expenses. For which it integrated in Ofisur three segments of business so that the companies increase to their Utilities and Yield.

The Way

To delimit this question, one searched to understand the evolution of the traditional marketing to understand the development of the relationship marketing, characteristic of this new millenium. In the conception of Snake (1992, P. 36), when implanting the fidelizao programs the company will create a differential next to the customers, therefore … the fidelizao programs are important allies, therefore, differentiate the company in the mind of the customers, unblocking the mechanisms of selective perception and the selective retention, adding an emotional component to the relationship. These programs are a process that uses the integrated communication to establish a continued, lasting and rewarding relationship with the customers, being aimed at to increase loyalty and the yield for the recognition mechanism and rewards of most loyal. b) To look the niche, focus and approach of market To search a specific niche and its focus of performance they are measured strategical important. It company to be able to conquer a solid position it must abide the eight important steps: the necessary company to understand the dynamics and the trends of market; the companies must focus positioning factors; the company has that to develop the total product; the company must long for as white a public specific, having to find a market niche; the company has that to understand what it is success and what it is failure; it is important that the company understands the differences between being come back it market and being directed toward the marketing; the value of a mark is different for complex products and good of consumptions of low risk; the company has that to be made use to try. Defining its specific niche, the company searchs overcoming and reduction of risks front to the competition and starts to understand better its customers, being searched to satisfy them from its necessities. c) To come back and to integrate to the company for the customer When he is next to the customers, we are in the way for the real competitive advantage, therefore …

Iperbrs Company

But still it has much that to make, after all a company to grow must be in constant transformation, adding value in the attendance, adding something more in sales catalogues, perfectioning of employees, everything what it will have of new the company must search to leave in the front, and to leave to be successful. Historical evolution of the company In 1997, is born the Perfilsul company Aluminum, established for two brothers, Robert and Joo Trintin, who had perceived the chance to extend its businesses through distribution of the products industrialized for the Iperbrs Aluminum, company where also they are partners. In innovation search they had decided to implant a system of sales known as ready-delivery, in which they used nine F-4 pickup trucks. 000 for distribution of the materials in the states of the Paran, Santa Catarina and So Paulo. With the time, they had perceived that the sales were giving so certain that the ready-delivery was not only being more sufficient. Then, in the year of 1999, the Perfilsul already did not have the ready-delivery as its only canal of sales. Some representatives in diverse regions of the country had been contracted to extend the covering of the deliverer.

As he had another competing company in the market appeared a great problem, therefore the competitor implanted a system of televendas of its products, due to rapidity and the easiness for the negotiations conquering customers of the Iperbrs company, shaking all the other companies of the branch. With this the Perfilsul started to have problems with loses of some customers who had started to migrar for this another company. Ahead of the difficulties and the reinforcement of the competitors, the company thought seriously about locking up its activities. Through a meeting she appeared to the idea to contract experienced salesmen for implantation of sales in the company, initiated then a great transformation in all the company from 2005 with the reduction of vehicles of promply delivery and dismissal of representatives, act of contract of more three news employees to work with sales for the telephone.

Valuation Today

INTRODUCTION To keep the competitiveness in high today is a permanent challenge for all the companies. In the businesses of today, the true value of the organizations nor always keeps only relation with its physical patrimonial value, but also it is associated with its composed intellectual capital for the people who in them work. Thus, to deal with people as its true bank intelligence is, as if it could say, optimum and more income-producing of the investments. Perhaps the only investment that already comes with previsibility tax, that is, the company that will have optimum bank of intelligence and to use it as object of its strategical management, will have its guaranteed survival and its maturity. Any is known that is the branch, its size or its localization, the companies today is come across with great challenges in the businesses that, in set, they require that the organizations develop new capacities, end to win them as: globalization, profitability by means of the growth, technology, intellectual capital and constant change. Therefore, the present study it has the objective to demonstrate through the approach of some authors, the importance of the valuation of the people inside of the modern organizations and its effect taking itself in account the results gotten with this form of management.

It is also considered to show something complex and still very controversial how much to its recognition, but one does not add existing new facts to already and the boarded ones until the moment. One also reveals in this work through the searched authors, the results gotten in some companies who using this form of management of valuation of the people, had discovered that discovered occult values in common people exist, who arise with business-oriented strategies that are in accordance with the expectations of them. In such a way, it is possible to notice that the collaborators exert a basic paper for the success of the organizations, but this to happen is necessary to guarantee that these are in enough number, well trained, motivated and compromised with the intentions of the organization.

Union Intermunicipal

According to Vergara (2005, P. 47), the research descriptive displays characteristic of definitive population or of determined phenomenon. It can establish correlations between 0 variable and also define its nature. It does not have commitment to explain the phenomena that it describes, even so these serve of base for such explanation. How much to the used ways of inquiry, the research is bilbiogrfica and of field. Typically, the field study it focuses a community, that is not necessarily geographic, since it can be a community of work, study, leisure or directed toward any another activity human being.

In the field study, the researcher carries through most of the work personally, therefore a direct experience with the study situation is emphasized the importance of the researcher to have had he himself (GIL, 2007, P. 53). How much to the studied companies, these are part of the Polar region Moveleiro de Ub – MG, that started with small marcenarias that had had the initiative to manufacture furniture to supply the necessities of the home. In accordance with the INTERSIND – Union Intermunicipal of the Industries of Marcenaria de Ub and Region – (2002), the moveleiras industries of the Polar region had had its start have 8 decades more than. The city of Ub, together with others eight neighboring cities (Guiricema, Guidoval, Piraba, River Dove, Rodeiro, Are Geraldo, Tocantins and Visconde of the Rio Branco), form the main moveleiro polar region of Minas Gerais. This is formed, in its majority, for micron and small industries and makes of the sector the main economic activity of the region the most important collector of taxes. About 20 a thousand jobs indirect right-handers and they are generated in approximately 400 companies who are part of the polar region, however the number of companies of the sector, only in the city of Ub, is superior the 500 companies.

Exportation Importation

Services of Exportation Importation Mattering and exporting have to cross borders politics. The international trade and services of investment that plays an important role in the global economy. Advances in technologies of information and telecommunications have extended and facilitated the services of exportation of alfndegas. The great corporations had started to allow foreign investments for the essential infrastructure services, such as telecommunications, energy and transports. More and more people are ' ' going internacional' ' to make tourism, medical education, services and of rendering of services that goes since ' ' call centers' ' , software development, to the construction services. In the truth, according to economic specialists, these types of services are the foreign components of bigger growth in the global commerce and investments right-handers. Services of importation and exportation, however, they continue to be affected by barriers politics, especially for foreign investments and to the circulation of lender of particular services. With the good commerce, the traditional analysis of barriers was concentrated mainly on the effect of the tariffs or the taxes that happen on merchandises of agriculture.

Barriers to the commerce of services are typically the prescribed barriers, instead of explicit taxes. They do not need discrimination against foreigners. In the truth, the barriers to the access to the market are many destined times to protect the established companies already from any new entrance, either for national companies or foreign. Service of importation and exportation will be affected by the changes in the liberalization of the general commerce, the international legislation, treated international and the creation to international organizations. World-wide organization of Comrcio (OMC), created in 01 of January of 1995 with ' ' status' ' equal of the Bank World-wide and of (FMI) Deep the Monetary International, it has fortified the global commerce. It is an organization that it deals with the rules of the commerce between the nations.

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