Peretz City

Shlomo then decided not to participate in these games, but returned in Bat Yam, with the intention to become mayor and turn the city into a flourishing garden. Its Lahiani revolution began with education. Many of the principals of the city then got pink slips as a teacher, did not correspond to the revolutionary plans. Visiting a school of Bat-Yam, Lahiani met with students, immigrants from the CIS countries. One day he met a boy who did not want to go to school – the teacher has banned talk out there in Russian.

The mayor immediately responded and said the Director to be open to all cultures and any language. So the guys from different communities to get to know Russian culture and people from Russia have become more deeply explore the local traditions. The integration process went well and quickly. From the Ministry of Education, from other cities came to learn from experience, wondered how quickly to raise achievement levels, make learning interesting for students. Computers in every classroom, hot lunches, extra classes for those in need – all the ingredients for success.

Lahiani believes that there are no bad students, but there are children who are ill. 'The problem of the city – to make sure that our children were good', – says Lahiani. Some parents have no money to clubs, and the City has established special program for them. Musically gifted children are invited to participate in a music school, and once home to one boy's car came from the municipality, has brought the piano – he could not believe my eyes … As a result, the city Ministry of Education, received the award for outstanding performance in the exams for bagrut (66 percent). 'Bulldozer' Shlomo Lahiani also believes in the power of collective effort. Most of his teammates – young, aspiring change the face of the city. Sigal Peretz, a beautiful and soulful 30-year-old woman who manages the municipality of the department of education. Every morning, she spends for the mayor 'tour' in the schools, fix the problem to be solved. Through this summer, all city schools have air conditioning. In the city rushed to young families, as well as tourists. Bat-Yam soon took his place on the tourist map of Israel. The plans – the construction of three hotels in 2-3 years on Main Street will be opened luxury hotel 'Hilton'. Russian tourists are discovering Israel after the abolition of visas, did not escape the attention of Bat Yam. Shlomo Lahiani dream – five years later to take first place on the academic performance of schoolchildren and satisfaction of citizens, to develop hotel infrastructure, catering business, the prosperity of industrial zone. But back to Barcelona. Municipality of Bat Yam Biennale decided to make this Catalan city, and on According to Shlomo Lahiani, it's just tremendous changes start waiting Bat Yam.

Subscribers Computer

Today, as in the main office work done on your computer, there is a problematic question of who to trust services. In the majority of the subscriber computer services company has solved this problem, it can be employed by the system programmer or services from specialized companies. If a company has a small fleet of personal computers in general, to employ a system programmer's no need for a better services computer services. The work is mainly performed in the program: accounting and special needed in the work. A large number of office equipment may not be a simple task for maintenance, you ought to understand.

If you hire an administrator that's a lot of difficulties, including the workplace, which should be allocated, as well as pay salaries. Hired an administrator to a specific time in order to all to understand. Outsourcing. Outsourcing is a means to borrow the labor force, it – outsourcing – so hire a work force of it technology. Most often these are the companies offering services in the field of computers: – computer maintenance.

– Maintenance programs. – Maintenance of the network. – Maintenance of office equipment. – Ensure the security of computers. This spice, which can solve the assigned tasks quickly and effortlessly. Custom services pc maintenance service plans are determined. Each firm chooses the optimal pricing for services. For example, it is leaving 1 or 2 times a week and an emergency exit more than once. This is enough to have worked computers without any problems. Cost varies depending on the number of computers. In general, if you want to work favorably and without distraction, to order computer maintenance specialists is ideal for business. No longer need to spend time on various issues: hiring system programmer, who probably will give more time playing computer games.

Decoration Key

What should be the modern metal street door? To answer this question, we must first think about what features and qualities required of the door. First and foremost there should be mentioned, Of course, the function of protecting the owners and the very premises from intrusion. Secondly, it is usually reliable. That is, the door mechanism should work in any conditions, easily opened and closed by key. Otherwise, malfunction of the castle could end pretty big trouble for the owners of the apartment until you call the moe for the cracking of a metal door. Since, for obvious reasons assistants means a door lock jammed neutralize simply unrealistic. And if the castle will be a snap mechanism, you may end up by the fact that the apartment can remain enabled stove or iron. And then even before the fire nearby.

And finally, the third most important criterion by which selected door is their ability to prevent the infiltration of cold air into the apartment. And of course we should not forget about this aspect this issue, as aesthetics. Because input access door – it’s the first thing visitors see, coming to his new friend. And if it will be a crooked construction of corners, and iron sheets, the first impression is will certainly be ruined. And welcome, as is well known for their looks, and has already seen off by the mind. And by the owners of the apartment would not want every day to deal with something similar.

To avoid this, before buying the doors are not also want to make as it were, a portrait of the ideal door, which I would like to see in your doorway. So, first of all, the door design must be rigid enough. That is an ideal frame for the existence of such a construction, as kontrrama, which means pin fastened directly in the doorway, it is necessary. Since this is the basic design can withstand the load. The second important element in giving to the door stiffness, are the edges of the profile or corner. On their relative sizes and sheets are created the same framework, which provides resistance to oust the door. With respect to security doors, there may be at least two options types of locks that are best able to cope with such a function. This is a lever or cylinder locks. The first type of lock can be identified by a massive body and a big key, with complex patterns grooves. Crack a lock is very difficult. Its main drawback is that in case of loss of key change will have the entire castle. Less resistant to cracking, but much more practical cylinder lock. The principle of his actions based on the fact that the locking mechanism so to speak, led by quantity, in which there are grooves for the key. In the case of loss of key lock all change is not necessary. No less important function of the door to keep warm, and not allow apartment provided by the availability of good insulation. Which is located on the edge of the door frame, as well as on the edge of the door frame. In terms of aesthetics, too, there are many options for how make, for example steel double doors as attractive as possible. The most expensive way to finish the door inserts are made from valuable types of wood.


There are fans pazdelyat half nonintegral tile and ofopmlyat rearrangement of surfaces. Ha I think this is unaesthetic and yes even tpudoemko. The correct to find the most 'visible' corner and put away, ppyacha pezanye in less visible corners. From the first series (bottom), use crosses, first placing them perpendicular to the wall. Missed the area of the next row with glue, turn the cross on the wall and stick tile.

An hour later, with the help of sewing carefully remove the cross. Do not tighten this job otherwise the glue finally consolidate their position on the wall. Laying tiles on the wall Mandatory pazmetka walls to get off pyadov tiles pepimetpu. VARIATIONS pazmetke upotpeblyat not ideal sizes of tiles, and pealny – izmepenny on several Tiles: laid on the matrix exhibits a homogeneously of surfaces with established kpestikami. VARIATIONS pazmetke we must remember that TEMPERATURE fluctuations should kompensipovat The inner corners of a flexible gepmetikom instead of fugue or tpimom for sizes of the walls of more than 3 m. Fugue kolepuetsya – so do not harass a search of the finished color under the shade of tiling fugue.

Pposche kolep buy and bring a white puffer to the desired shade of their own. With tpimami harder – they ppidetsya podbipat. Draw the position of the mirror and start laying the tiles from the first lower row. This will help you nailed plank, horizontality is validated by a level. Glue one of the two vertical rows, located along the mirror.

The Board

Once warmed up and under- dry soil, over a row of asparagus rolls form a height of 20-25 cm for the Earth filling should be easy, with no lumps and stones to escape is not bent. And then follow daily the condition of the soil surface. Surface and sidewall well dropping the board to the cracks on a flat surface to determine the place of harvest ready to shoot. As soon as the cracks, the plants carefully, "razokuchivayut" cut and blanched sprouts, being careful not to damage roots and buds. This so-called white asparagus. After cutting the shaft shoots once again formed, and the day is necessary to watch out for new shoots. The following charges carried by N 2-day.

It is important that the shafts were not weeds, they interfere with the "catch point" appearance of these cracks. In the late harvest shoots appear on the surface and green. By the way, is much easier to clean green asparagus: for it does not need walls – shoots are cut at the surface ground when they reach 18-20 cm The main thing that was not disbanded head to escape. Therefore, collect the green asparagus on a daily basis, leaving the beds, even the weak shoots. allowed a combined way, when in the first period clean white fruiting shoots, while the second – in the middle of June – green 15-18 cm in length after every 5-6 charges spend feeding mineral and organic fertilizers. From late June stop harvesting. Green asparagus must cut very close to the ground before the leaflets open.

Paint: Oil, Enamel, Latex

When buying paint for the walls drew attention to many issues, including: coverage, speed of drying, weatherproof. Depending on the nature of used oil, water-dispersion, enamel or any other. Each has its pluses and minuses. Oil paint for the walls – it is a suspension of pigment and binder. Such paints come in two forms – gustotertymi (as diluent used linseed oil) and ready to use. The basis of oil paints is linseed oil – combined, natural or Oksol. Natural linseed oil, used for gustotertyh paints.

The remaining linseed oil is produced from volatile solvents and processed oils. On the bank of paint indicate what type of varnish was used. Oil paint for the walls are characterized by good covering power, strength. The only drawback – the characteristic smell, which is kept For a long time. They recommend that you use to paint the exterior walls. Enamel paints are made on the basis of the varnish.

It is composed of different pigments and solvents. Produced several varieties enamel paints: nitroemali, alkyd enamel. After drying, they form a solid shiny glossy or matte layer. Such paint is fast drying – 15 to 45 minutes. Enamel paint facade could not be better suitable for coating wooden walls. To provide good protection from the effects of temperature changes, sunlight, should be applied several coats of paint. Enamels are also used in areas with high humidity. Among weaknesses – susceptibility to injury: the painted surfaces may scratch, seizures. Water-dispersion paints are composed of an aqueous suspension and a binder (PVA or butadienstirol). When staining after drying on the surface is durable water repellent finish. These paints for walls do not have a specific smell, in their composition is not toxic components. Latex paint beautiful falls on any surface, but covered with glossy paint, it is well washed. Paint based on PVA are well painted walls in dry areas, as it is poorly resist moisture. Based paint butadienstirola humidity interfere, but she has a flaw – eventually turn yellow.

Winter Forest

Advantages of construction of the winter forest known Russian masters from the ancient times. For houses and baths preferred to use the trees felled in winter, and not without good reason. At this time, the tree almost grows therefore, the trunk contains a minimal amount of juice and resin. There is also insects and parasites that can reduce the quality of the material. Wood Land and stronger. Significantly, and features of the workpiece. Frosty weather creates like a natural refrigerator, allowing the tree slowly change their properties. The process of drying wood is not as fast, respectively, no cracks.

Thus, the timber made of felled trees in winter, slowly decaying as the transport and storage, and during subsequent use in the service process. Handling them is easier, that affects the quality of production. Like a log and timber, made of the winter forest, differs best properties for construction. If you do log cabin home or a bath in this time of year, it settles evenly, the material as a result of tighter lies, no cracks. Likewise, the edged board, made of the winter forest, more dry, durable, no tar and no deformation, long maintained a light color. Lumber made from the winter logs, better sediment transport, long are your best qualities. In addition, they buy – more reliable, because there is no winter rains, which can damage the storage timber. Water contained in the tree is in a frozen state, and its significantly less than the summer.

Understand the winter wood or summer is not so easy, just like the quality wood from second-rate. By virtue of this is just a professional, so it makes sense to entrust the choice of building materials proven professionals. According to some telltale signs you can determine whether the proposed timber for winter working. The first is the current time of year. As a rule, By July the entire winter wood sold out, and the proposed timber or cut down in the summer, or subjected to long-term storage, due to conditions which are not so easy to achieve. It can only do this with a big clicker large warehouses. In addition, the freshly cut tree loses its quality rapidly if it is not oshkurit. The most suitable lumber for construction in the central part of Russia is a pine tree. And, applying high-tech processing of timber, the quality of all types of wood can be changed for the better.


Batteries – a source of electrical energy required to produce a spark when the engine plant, or in those rare cases, not when your generator does not produce sufficient power. Its principle is simple: Electrical energy is generated by a chemical reaction of two reagents, with the possibility of repeated recharging. When the battery is charged it to sit on the external circuit, while the reaction products recovered starting materials. The new or fully charged battery electrolyte density should be 1.24 g / cm in the summer and 1.28 g / cm in the winter. Do not forget that when the electrolyte level drops, there might be 2 reasons: 1) if the electrolyte is spilled, it is necessary to replenish the electrolyte, 2) if boiled away – it is better to add distilled water. For safety, never allow a strong reduction of the electrolyte in the battery, because under the covers cans accumulate a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, which is extremely explosive and can be ignited by the slightest spark, and it is dangerous. Nor can we strongly supercool battery, while inside active material of electrodes formed ice crystals, which are squeezing it out of the lattices, and it crumbles at the bottom of the battery.

Also be that the battery is completely discharged. If the battery does not charge for a long time, then to restore its performance will be. Causes a complete discharge may be operating with a faulty electrical (starter, alternator, etc.) or a long parking lot with lights on, tape, etc. To long time not to buy a new battery must be periodically cleaned of its upper surface, grease the pole of the battery with petroleum jelly, pull the wires on the terminals of the battery. The average lifetime for its correct maintenance for 5 years.

Synthetic Floor

White and colored windows and doors from PVC has long been part of our lives and decorate not only in offices but also in homes and conventional homes. On what promises to use the advantages of windows and doors from PVC, compared with the old wood, all have long known. I would like to say a few words about how long these can serve as window and door systems. Manufacturers of window systems from PVC profile is seriously testing the quality of its products and studying the question of durability. To test the method was invented by the so-called "artificial aging". In this way, checked a variety of specialized systems with the issuance of the certificates.

Tests of white Profile KBE, for example, show excellent results. Thus, by adjusting the test to 40 years of conditional use in moderate climates, the basic quality of the profile are within normal limits, but minor color changes are not visible to the naked eye! Is not this an excellent result! A somewhat different picture from the color window and door profiles. Practice shows that unprotected against weather surface fade in a few years. Most susceptible to fading windows and doors from PVC brown. For example, the production of a color profile KBE apply a protective layer which is glued on top. In some cases, applies a special acrylic lacquer painting. Another important factor in ensuring the longevity of color profiles are constructive activities outside ventilation chambers, where the temperature can reach high values, and the hot air to stagnate. With the positive issues with venting the outer chamber and the outer layer of protection from fading, lifetime color profile systems, as well as whites may be more than a decade, while maintaining all the performance!

Sewing Machines

For the seamstresses, this is a huge pleasure when the sewing machines not only properly primed, but also work properly. Nothing is more interesting and fascinating than make their own decisions from various fabric! Yet improperly dressed sewing machine will not do anything but complexity as will fail and will certainly require repair. The thread is missing – about any sewing can not be considered. The thread is necessary for of the sewing machine to sew the fabric. For the correct operation of many sewing machines used two threads. There are certain features of filling top and bottom threads. In addition, each model requires a sewing machine certain threading. It is important to follow the advice, as this will save you time and ensure smooth operation of your machine.

It is helpful instructions and tips on threading, and we want to give readers of this article. Fill a sewing machine usually start with the upper thread. Before you start filling the upper thread is necessary and to raise the presser foot and set the needle thread take-up lever and the upper position. Then place a spool of thread on spool pin. The next step is to hold the thread from the spool through the upper thread guide to the upper thread tension regulator. It should be understood that the coils are different in form, but the principle works in all the same. Make sure that the thread is not too tight, otherwise it can end.

Then proceed to the bobbin. To do this, and take shpulederzhatel insert the bobbin with thread. It is necessary to ensure that the spool spins freely and not jammed. The main thing to know that properly dressed with thread – is the key to the success of the sewing machine. It's fun for you and your machine!

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