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‘ Think and grow rich – little book with a gigantic effect – and that already over many decades Stuttgart. \”Perhaps the most important statement of his legendary bestseller has lifted for the very last paragraph Napoleon Hill: the reader will recognize that you fulfill every desire with the same effort you would have normally needs to throw the gun in the grain at the first difficulty, and can make any dream come true!\” Sounds too simple to be true. \”And yet that is the essence of a book, the making of at least twenty years of meticulous research required and compacts the da is the different success stories of the richest Americans on the crucial prerequisite: think and grow rich!\” Arthur Trankle leads in Stuttgart the company\”the Plusmacher. He has set itself the ambitious as lofty goal, to lead the way to monetary independence as many people. \”For it is one of think and grow rich\” to the \”Required reading for anyone who wants to throw off his financial restraints: with regard to its dimensions, may be a dwarf the booklet, however, its effect is enormous.\” In fact, Napoleon Hill debunks a widespread prejudice on the fact, that wealth alone is the result of luck, chance, fate, or even hard work. That’s the classic mistake even in the deeper sense\”, emphasizes Arthur Trankle. It would be wrong to say that financial problems are the result of lack thinking they are rather the result of wrong thinking.

\”Even more so: the false habits of thought.\” But how can I make bad habits from the world? First, one must recognize the false habits of thought. In addition, the cash game offers a unique mirror for financial misconduct. In the second step, these should be replaced gradually by the right. Thus Napoleon Hill it draws to precisely this point at the beginning of his book there is…

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