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Hello! Then I leave this article I found, as it speaks of things we’ve seen in class .. . The creation of scenarios in the development of brands is helpful for times and moments that affect our society. The challenge of being the first in the minds of customers needs to be accompanied by the development of scenarios, where through well-targeted strategies are managed to connect to a brand. Today with the various crises that our country has gone and the closure of many company activities, shops and restaurants, giving rise to create alternatives for communicating with audiences.Several companies have taken different attitudes with positive results and the implementation of low costs, improve product quality, creating a culture for innovation, strategies keep marketing experiment, all with a proactive attitude, as well as be prepared for any eventuality and search for things to happen. In Mexico some stocks such as bringing food home when not in the business strategy, buying toys via the Internet when the store is its focus on selling on main floor, open a dedicated line at a campaign promotion, etc., provides the opportunity to think about creating different scenarios in times of crisis. Intuition and the need to be marked with the audience, can break the barrier “that we do not, at this point is very important to care for these communication decisions not to confuse the market and continue with the tutelage of positioning achieved . The character of the brand and its promises fulfilled will make communication decisions that are running are well accepted by their audiences. Be consistent with your brand and take good care of the enemies of perseverance: to miss the target, losing confidence, tiredness, laziness, stop planting.

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