Organizational Management

Such situations should not happen again to future, either with roads or with hospitals, or to the airport "is discussed. to comment, Rodrigo Morras, professor of Organizational Management Services Business School of Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Pinera have to forget the economic promises made during his campaign-better pay and less crime, inter-, and cared for certain urgent priorities, such as the large number of people left without homes, especially in the areas hardest hit by the disaster. Caterpillar has much to offer in this field. "Like many people lost their homes, is going to be a major overcrowding, which has to be resolved in the short term," said But the earthquake has not only produced a significant economic impact on the country's infrastructure, there have been impact social values, such as loss of quality of life of citizens, following the destruction of property and material goods. Even in Chile is already talk of a "social earthquake." Morras says that "the damage to property of persons, particularly those living in coastal areas of greatest disaster recovery is difficult because one must consider that they are more modest social groups, with fewer resources and are less access to networks of influence to recover their assets. " a It is noted that with the earthquake, the disaster in the coastal areas, southern regions of O'Higgins, Maule and Bio-Bio, in Dondee had many microentrepreneurs, disappeared on progress achieved after several years of developing an area with interesting tourist attractions. These microentrepreneurs will cost them time to recover, at least two or three years.

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