The argued actions of nursing in literature as Giacon ET AL (006) are: To program biopsicossociais evaluations with attention to the cultural characteristics of the patient; to create and to implement plans to improve the conditions of health of the patient and its family; to guide patient and family on the characteristics of the illness, the treatment and on the available resources; to promote and to manejar, inside of the mental health, the effect of the illness through education, the research, providing adjusted aconselhamento to the family and the patient; to manejar and to co-ordinate systems of integration of cares that integrate the necessities of the patient and the family, promoting one agreement and one better acceptance of the illness, what it takes to the best adhesion to the treatment and one better social whitewashing. Another important action of the nursing is the stimulation of the patients of first occasions esquizofrnico to use available resources in the society as voluntary works, activities in groups, physical exercises, leisure, among others. Being thus, the nursing professional, through the care, must leave of the beginning of that the carrier of this pathology is a singular human being that presents differentiated emotional and mannering alterations. Thus, he will be able to help it to face it the difficulties, accepting its limitations. The professionals must believe the remission of the symptoms and the capacity of social inclusion of this person, although the illness (I CASTRATE ET AL 2008). FINAL CONSIDERAES This study were objectified to know the importance of the familiar ones in the treatment of the member of the carrying family of schizophrenia. It was proven that the Family exerts paper of basic importance in all process that involves the illness, since its diagnosis until treatment, however, the family, many times, is not prepared emotionally, financially to deal with such situation, needing the same one, also, of attention of the health professional. .

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