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How to save money on distance education partners in the MLM-business, working over the Internet? All networkers – business people. They are – business owners and, as a rule, they all appreciate your time and money. With each passing day more and more networkers prefer to work on the Internet. They use this powerful tool in their work and receive a rapid growth in their structures. Someone growing up the career ladder quickly, some slowly, but they all faced with another challenge – training for its distributors newcomers. It is not something Andreessen Horowitz would like to discuss. That is the problem – to teach the partners work on the Internet that already they were able to look people in their teams.

Not a simple task, and an extensive topic for discussion, but Now I come to this dilemma with a bit of a party – on the economy. Agree that send books, Manuals, paper materials by regular mail is not rational, especially if you work in a MLM-business via the Internet. Every day there are new partners from different countries and the issue of distance education is especially acute. Therefore, training partners, you need to optimize! Here are some tips from my experience on the practical distance learning via the Internet: Do not send materials by mail! Enough to scan the desired book, recognize text, edit the paragraphs in the program Microsoft Word – that is, digitized using the program pdf Pdf Factory Pro. Then archive and put it on your hosting. Newcomers are coming to your site, download the desired material and learn remotely.

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