Competition task: Data mining calls the prudsys AG students from home and abroad for bestseller since April 15, 2009 for the tenth time, to test their knowledge of data-mining based on a practice analysis task. To achieve a high practical relevance of the competition task as usual, the Libri GmbH as DATA MINING CUP this year supports special partner the prudsys AG. The Libri GmbH as one of the largest book wholesalers in Germany provides the simulated data and expert knowledge for the year’s competition task. The challenge of this year’s DATA MINING CUP competition is for the students is to predict based data mining from selling probabilities of certain book titles for several hundred outlets. Last but not least due to the high practice covers of the task of DATA MINING CUP developed competition in recent years to the world’s leading student competition for intelligent data analysis and is today an integral part of the lectures in many universities and colleges.

Until including May 25, 2009, the competition participants have the opportunity to submit a corresponding data-mining model. Attractive prize money of several thousand euros, which will be sponsored by the Libri GmbH waving the bestenNachwuchsanalysten. To the DATA-MINING-CUP teams competing for the first time in the history of the competition.Which universities are among the best forges of the cadre for data mining talent, will be at the award ceremony on June 23, 2009 in the framework of the prudsys users (June 23-24, 2009, Westin Hotel Leipzig/Germany) announce. For more information about the DATA MINING CUP under

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