If Money About Anything Goes – Sell Old Knowledge Balance!

If parrots reflected beeseren is knowledge old values sell there amazing, as stubborn and allowed seemingly reputable institutions sell offers, that neither new, are currently even the own. Stand up despite the clarity, to offer a product that not even clean developed yet the latest findings on knowledge accounts, are not too bad, even in the German speaking countries made in Germany to promote the knowledge balance of intellectual capital report sellers of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. While developers of this knowledge balance sheet on the basis of the discussion should have at least a clue, that they flood a market threaten to not entirely new insights, who needs especially in these times of crisis-inducing solutions that are market-ready in recent weeks and not full of phrases and guesses, can generate the no added value. Be offered instead of empty promises that can never keep this due to the insufficiency of the system knowledge balance made in Germany, what invitations and flyers to Promise seminars, workshops and conferences. The moderators of the intellectual promise strengthening the core competencies and increasing the sustainable value by companies in the knowledge-based economy. Recently More sought to clarify these questions. made in Germany” (Quote from the invitation to the 5th Conference professional knowledge management in Solothurn, Switzerland from March 25-27, 2009) Here, they don’t even have the expertise to work with numbers-based values.

But that seems to matter. Why values not the already hard-pressed companies sell itself abroad, which are not worth their money. Even the time, entrepreneurs for muster to hear the Parrot-like gibberish of any would-be Wissensbilanzierer, seems to be real waste compared with the meager results. Only the participation of the appropriate tutorial 90,00 euro cost of Audacity is still the lid. Of time and money to invest the same effort in employment with the new knowledge balance 2.0 can be recommended as the advertised company, like the outdated Systems. OLAF Hoffmann straight consultants

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