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Health protection for temporary workers: now everything will get better Frankfurt, December 05, 2008 held yesterday in Frankfurt the kick-off event to a pioneering project. GeZA, healthy time work\”will optimize the work and health of temporary workers in the framework of a funding priority of the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs. Today white man: temporary work provides flexibility for companies and thus stimulate the economy. The fact is also that the accident rates in the temporary work are higher than in other employment. That’s why all the experts agreed: we must do something, need new standards.

The event has shown that there are already working models. The recruitment agency manpower has thus become the project partner with industry expertise. Now, now in ten manpower plans and experience tested offices, expanded, and efficiently implemented. If you would like to know more about Paul Simon, then click here. All temporary workers will benefit from the results. Thomas Reitz, Management Board manpower GmbH & co.

KG one wants to develop an integrated health management for the temporary employment sector, the measures also in the pilot test and then broadly implement. New and especially mandatory standards should be developed in this way. And that’s so good\”I am pleased that it makes it clear these projects: temping is a fixture in the world of work, and you must take care of the health of temporary workers. I’m already very much more manpower as it until date is required. \”But this is also the reason why our company as a project partner with industry expertise was selected.\” so: even if accident rates have declined in recent years generally, there was still great need for action on the work and health of temporary workers. \” Mrs. Dr. Beate Beerman, Federal Institute for occupational safety and health economic growth leads to higher demand on temporary workers. Thus, there remains little time and opportunity to find a suitable power bouquet.

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