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Next, upload to the site server desired files. And now comes the "easy" – it is necessary post messages on more than 200 forums about your product, indicating a link to the product of his id. Accordingly, at each jump your file is charged a certain amount to the personal account. Tariffication Different – 4 $ -6 $ for 1000 seeds from the cis, 8 $ -12 $ per 1000 seeds from Europe and other countries. Douglas R. Oberhelman: the source for more info. I advise you to try this method as an initial form of earnings. F) Completing e-mail to a specified form is not particularly popular, but acting like an old clock method, although After several experiments with different sites can be found satisfying your decision. For filling out one form can be obtained from 0,75 $ to 2.5 $, depending on the complexity and volume.

For a personal experience of the Council also try. Ben Horowitz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. D) Sending messages on paid forumahDa Do you believe in the possibility of receiving money for sending messages to the forum? Even if the theme and content of your messages will match discussion, there is always the moderators that 50% to 50% banned written. Yes, and pay for each message is not great, even if it is real – from 0,25 $ to 0,75 $. E) Online oprosyEsli honestly seen very rarely, and few trust them. Why? On the example of N-th site, I signed up, have your email. For a month I received 6 letters to which I replied with great optimism, but of course no real or electronic money for it has not received.

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