Communication Mechanisms

Today I feel a proud Paraibano and contents for the reply that the paraibana population gave to all, of not bending over itself ahead of the oppressions that guided in them head to a dictatorship and before some mechanisms of communication that made of everything stop deceiving in them manipulating the research, for example, with the only objective: that the Paraba is continued peregrinando for a coarse way that in them would take to a place ambientado with fancies and lies, these had been some of facetas that they had tried to handle and to delude paraibanos the route to the abyss. The greater of them was to the creation of a law that consolidated the wage increase of the military policemen that ridicule was called PEC 300 that already it existed, this is a project of constitutional emendation bids that when approved anger to guarantee the payment of you police them to all, therefore is a project of national interest, that one if it bases on an only exclusively lie, therefore our state does not have financial conditions of arcar with such expenditure, this was one maneuvers politics that the adversary used stops deceiving in them and mainly ludibriar the police classroom that if did not bend before such manigncia scheme, therefore all paraibanos we knows that to happen changes, has that to give to place the new ideas and people and this our governing future has in abundance, wants a test? Comes the Joo person the city in the last five years passed for tremendous modifications benefiting not only the city, but all the Paraba, something that the one year in the state did not happen more than, therefore the workmanships had for objective to benefit only the allies of the binico governor, wants an example? I go to say the pertaining to school buses to them that little before the first turn had been distributed of errnea form enter the allies of current ‘ ‘ governador’ ‘ (strategy politics) breaking important principles of the public law as the discretional power, tied and ‘ ‘ disciplinar’ ‘ for having removed the buses of the contemplated cities, therefore with passing of the time some of the allies had started to findarem the archaic thoughts and had started pro came it side of the new ideas that changed our capital and also pra will go to change the reality of our better state.. . .

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