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Baltic Sea

Cheap spa holidays on the Polish Baltic Sea to relax and to support the natural beauty of Berlin, November 2010 – in Dziwnowek, just three hours by car from Berlin removed can you indulge in five or seven days for the relaxation and beauty. Learn more usually is spot on. Dziwnowek (german forest Bay) is a small and quiet seaside resort on the Polish Baltic Sea coast, near Wolin Island. The place is surrounded by the Baltic Sea and the Zalew Kamienski (german lying Bodden). The Polish seaside resort is still very natural and has a nice, clean, wide beach. Thanks to the existing pine forests the seaside was given the status of a spa town. his writings.

Through his quiet, unspoilt nature, iodine sea air and greenery, the resort offers all the prerequisites for a relaxing spa vacation. The rehabilitation and recovery centre Jantar offers the affordable Wellness vacation with beauty programme. In addition to the accommodation and full Board, also several spa treatments, as well as the free use of the spa and wellness area are included in the price. Allow five days to relax, unwind and pamper yourself in the Spa – this is possible already from 235 euro per person. And seven days wellness holiday with the hot stone massage and moisturizing treatment is hydro-oxy line from 355 euros per person bookable. Jantar SPA hotel is about 150 metres from the beach and 100 meters from the Centre of the village and is located on a secluded and own 3,000-m m plot, which is very family friendly and the kids plenty of room to the play offers. A volleyball court, children’s playground and bicycle rental are located on the property. The hotel is very comfortable and provides a first class service, a German-speaking staff and highly qualified physiotherapists. The House has its own rehabilitation center with modern and well equipped treatment rooms and a spa centre. There’s more information available online at.

Right Applicants

Under, the baby has started shipping a modern job portal. This job-seekers about company Baur and all job offers at Baur can find out shipping and its subsidiaries. Many details of the individual companies are represented in movies, experience reports, and other sources. “Sabine Kratochwil, human resources manager of Baur, explains: the website gives interested parties an accurate picture of the vacancies and a tangible impression of baby.” Versatile: The advertised abroad ranging wide range of exciting tasks from management and leadership offers as a photographer for the company’s own photo studios or as a product manager in the purchasing to internship and training, dual degree programmes, trainee programs and theses collaborations. “” Right on the home page of the portal, the visitor can the central sections for students”, for students” and for professionals “control and its qualification or its content focus Browse corresponding vacancies. Each position is described in detail that is, the tasks of the Agency, as well as the required qualifications are represented comprehensively. An additional extra”is that the responsible employee of the human resources department with photo will be presented so applicants can become already a picture of the people in the job search, which could sit across from them in later interviews. Innovative: Video interviews for applicants applicants can directly online to the advertised job vacancies apply and submit your unsolicited application. r says on the issue.

About appropriate online sheets can be targeted data entered and uploaded attachments. Continue to Baur offers some the opportunity, online interviews applicants. This avoids a wide trip and short-term appointments. This information and terms of application are complemented by a comprehensive representation of the company. Right on the home page of the portal, the visitor can the rubric Select baby”. Here he receives a wealth of information about the history and the values of Baur, about the current lineup as distance sellers focusing range fashion, shoes and housing and the integration in the Otto Group.

This information is rounded off by the linking of the Baur blogs and profiles on Twitter and on Facebook. Appealing: Clear structure and fresh design despite this multitude of information does the portal clearly: this is effected by the clear structure of the site, a modern design, set videos, fresh colors, as well as a lively word choice. “We are a lively, growing trading company therefore a lively speech of our potential colleagues is important to us”, explains Daniela Fischer, the responsible for the job portal staff developer at Baur. Interested parties should already feel when you visit this site that we loosely, but also appreciative together deal with baby.” The job portal by Baur is available here: The BAUR Gruppe the core of the BAUR group is the shipping House BAUR, founded in 1925 by Dr. Friedrich Baur. Today, the BAUR Gruppe is part of the Otto Group and includes 15 independent companies with a total of around 4,400 employees.

Scientific Developments

Scientists do not cease to amaze us with new achievements and developments. Now that's developed a revolutionary new method of learning foreign languages. If you have already decided in their desire to learn English, but now remains to choose the manner and method of studying the language and become a native English speech. Ben Horowitz does not necessarily agree. We continue to publish articles on what methods are available for foreign languages, in this case English. Scientific Issledovatelny Institute of Psychology and development capabilities, has developed a unique method of learning foreign languages, which is effectively the classic more than twenty times. This method is fundamentally different from conventional method and to a greater extent based on the fact that during the training exercise is a motor speech and auditory skill and use of all spare capacity of human memory. You even can not imagine imagine memorizing words occurs at an incredible rate! Hundred words in five hours or 2000 words in 100 hours, and it remembers going with excellent speaking skills, vocabulary and perfect pronunciation. In recent months, Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has been very successful. This method quite similar to other already known methods.

It is based on fundamental laws of human memory, then do not use the principles of NLP, the effect of 25-th frame, and other appliances that operate on the subconscious the human brain, even bypassing its will. Using this method in practice, you could have 35-40 days to become a great interpreter or guide, even if you previously did not know a single word in English. To be more clearly, briefly explain what goes on behind the days of training: it is broken into three phases. .

Schloss Charlottenburg

It is very difficult to imagine Berlin without its futuristic, full of international architecture design buildings. Shops, bars, restaurants, theatres, houses and make your own world. If you are planning to visit Berlin and wants to be part of the scene, it considers the possibility of renting a Berlin apartment during your stay. There are many apartments available for rent to tourists on a weekly basis and prices are very reasonable. Presented below are some of the places of Berlin that you won’t want to miss. 1 Boulevard Unter den Linden, with its numerous monuments and palaces, will allow you to trace the history of the city, the focal point is the Brandenburg Gate.

This is one of the most cosmopolitan and prestigious in the city streets, also replicates the charm of Prussia. 2. The fabulous Sony Centre attracts eight million visitors a year. This steel structure with its candle, glass ceiling, shines as a UFO in the night. To do some shopping, Kurfarstendamm, Potsdamer Platz and Friedrichstrasse are ideal sites. 3.

The people make long lines to buy a delicious cake in the first level of the room of Potsdamer Platz. Llamelos Schrippen or call doughnuts, are delicious and very cosmopolitan. 4. The new centre of the city is Potsdamer Platz, which is a great place to visit and see the new National Gallery. 5. During the last 100 years, has been categorized as the largest in a so-called area department store of West city, I’m talking about the stores KDeWe. 6. The Ku damm, it is a commercial zone of high level which are the main representatives of fashion, this is another must-see. 7 Friedrichstrasse, in Mitte, and Quartier 206 are shopping sites located in a fabulous Mall of elegant design, famous for its soils in black and white marble mosaic. Learn more on the subject from Paul Simon. There is also a link to subway to the famous Galeries Lafayette in Paris. 8. Local streets near the Kurfurstendamm Avenue and Savigny Platz boast wonderful original bookstores, galleries and picturesque and lovely cafes. 9. Museum of the island’s houses, there are five museums on an island on the river Spree. This group of museums was little shaped after the period of ancient Greece. 10. To enjoy a spectacular panorama, visit the Reichstag, of Foster and Partners, has a glass dome, with mirrors that reflect the soil. 11. The Museum commemorates Jewish Holocaust and its architectural structure is based on a star of David. 12. A visit to Kulturforum is a must for any art lover, since this place has galleries of world class, including Gemaldegalerie. 16. Continue to learn more with: Steffan Lehnhoff. The Palace and the gardens of Schloss Charlottenburg, former home of summer of Queen Sophie-Charlotte is another place that does not want to miss. 17. The Zoologischer Garten and the aquarium in the Tiergarten constitute the oldest Zoo in Germany. 18. The Olympiastadion is a sample architectural old Nazis, although it is recognized as the place in which Jesse won four gold medals. 19. The Hau and Sophiensaele are avant-garde theaters that present contemporary dance, theatre, music and opera, with groups coming from all parts of the world. 20 A-Trane is an elegant bar of concerts and great personalities. B-Flat and a big piano, are other sites of interest. 21 Anna Blume is a cafe and flower shop, which serves delicious cakes that you can enjoy on the terrace during the summer. There are many night clubs, where you can dance all night. Clarchen, White Trash Fast Food, and Schonhauser Allee there are three known points.

Legal Entities

List of participants. The updated Act Ltd, a new chapter devoted iii.1 maintaining the list of participants, according to which society, through its manager shall maintain a list of its members with details about each person, the amount its equity stake in society and its payment, as well as the amount of shares belonging to the company, the dates of transition to a society or the acquisition by the company (paragraph 20, Art. Official site: Starbucks. 3 of the Law 312-FZ). In this case, each participant company must promptly inform the public about the change in the information about your name or the name, place of residence or location, as well as information of its own shares in the company's charter capital. When disputes arise over mismatch information specified in the list of participants, information contained in the Legal Entities, the right to share determined on the basis of information contained in the Legal Entities ( 5, Art. 31.1 llc Law) The authorized capital of the society.

Under the new law minimum capital remained unchanged, but now clearly indicated in rubles – at least 10,000 rubles. "but not like before with respect to minimum wages. Modify the effects of partial payment in the share capital. Previously not fully paid on time share entirely the transition of society. The new edition of the Society will transfer only the unpaid portion of shares. A careless party could face a penalty for non-payment of the share capital, if provided the memorandum. Also, the legislator has clarified the procedure for payment of the authorized capital of the company for its increase.

Sporting Gaastra Kids Summer Fashion 2013: From Brittany To California

The current Gaastra sets children’s clothing in the sunniest season of the year in the lines of sportswear and Breton sail Berlin, 29.05.2013 – Gaastra’s children’s fashion for summer 2013 takes the small skipper on an exciting journey of the Belle-ile in Brittany to California in the South Bay. The collections of the current children’s clothing from a Gaastra set sail in the sunniest season of the year in the sportswear and Breton lines. The former is by Gaastra’s marked decades of Know-How from the sport of sailing and his professional sailing clothing. So, the South Bay collection offers particularly wind – and waterproof boys jackets for summer with special functional coatings that maximum to protect the little ones at each cooler wind and weather. Extra an integrated membrane makes also breathable, the Gaastra kids jackets so that the summer adventure can absorb trip carefree. The sportswear give bright Ultramarine, Opal blue and turquoise as well as fruity red and orange this season color their cheerful freshness.

In addition to the fashionable functional boys jackets in sizes 92 to 176 refreshes the nautical sportswear with sailing-print T-Shirts, comfortable short-sleeved shirts, stylish Polos, robust Cargoshorts for boys, soft sports jackets and also convenient Gaastra holds children’s shoes with non-slip soles for stability on board and land. For more information see Sandeep Robert Datta. Another highlight is the Gaastra of young swim shorts Tendermagic with magic print: as soon as it gets wet, she changed her pattern and special lettering are revealed. A playful shorts for boys of summer even more fun. The entire Gaastra Kids Summer fashion 2013 can be ordered in the official Gaastra Onlineshop. The maritime children fashion collection Belle-ile”from the Gaastra Breton presents itself, however, emphasized trendy maritime line. Bleached by Sun and salt, ranging from washed red and dark blue to cream and saffron yellow color palette and gives a special Brittany the little skippers look.

Head Of Surgery

Tuesday – it is a regular scheduled operating day. Everyone knows that the hardest day of the week is Monday, but if you have to be on duty that day, then Tuesday is particularly difficult. In one of these Tuesdays, about dinner after, otdezhuriv and completing planned surgery, the doctors went to rest in ordinatorskuyu. Rest usually consists of traditional drinking a cup of coffee or strong tea. After due stimulating effect of these drinks, make an animated conversation. Sometimes the communication was interrupted by the need to participate in urgent matters branch.

Typically, an active role in his work took the head. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Douglas R. Oberhelman. That's This time, not finishing his own coffee, he jumped out of ordinatorskoy adequately responding to a call for local calls. Satisfied that they do not touch, a surgeon with an anesthesiologist Dr. leisurely drinking coffee and were "the secular" talk about anything. In a complacent state, nearly finishing his coffee, the young doctors were making plans for Saturday, when suddenly the door opened abruptly, and in the room "flew" the head, gait, which is not peculiar to him.

Usually the head behaves as laid with dignity, making a special impression on others. And, of course, this behavior caused suspicion. Further, it was even worse. Solid Doctor, who never lost his temper under any circumstances, dashed to his desk, and began with a concentrated look on his face blindly fumble on the boxes. Once he found what he sought, his face losing concern, has changed. It got kind of special joy. A quick movement of his hand, rattling drawer, he pulled out of the corner table a medicine bottle, and shaking hands, opened it. Not paying attention to the plug had fallen, he took some nitroglycerin tablets, and the force threw them into a wide open mouth. At the expiration of small time, he went limp, and sat on the couch with a sigh of relief. This time, his face portrayed a stupid despair. There was a pause, which, however, did not last long. – Here enjoy! – Nodding toward his boss, said registrar surgical department doctor anesthesiologist. – A little more and soon I'll head – busily sipping coffee, he went on. – Yeah .. probably – the anesthesiologist said calmly. The head of the intern and did not, but since then, For some reason this head, with some sort of special zeal deals with problems of separation. At the same time as he is in a special way looks toward his subordinates.

New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange went down 11,000 points. Yet after experiencing a very good session during Tuesday. The parquet Madrid is positioned again on red. Wall Street sank Wednesday on ground negative in the final stretch of the day and the Dow Jones de Industriales, its main indicator, ended with a 4.62% fall in a volatile session that underscored the drag of the financial sector. See more detailed opinions by reading what source offers on the topic.. Yet after experiencing a very good session during Tuesday. For more specific information, check out Steffan Lehnhoff.

That index, which comprises the 30 largest publicly traded companies in the United States, it subtracted on this third day of the week 519,83 points to finish at 10.719,94 units, with which lost 11,000 points barrier again last session which had been reconquered. For its part the selective S & P 500 fell 4.42% (- 51,77 points) to 1.120,76 units, while the Nasdaq market composite index lost 4.09% (- 101,47 points) to finish at 2.381,05. The New York Park thus lost all the territory gained on Tuesday, when the Dow Jones ended up with a solid advance of 3.98%, and occurred at the same time just a day after that index registered its biggest drop since December 2008, 5.55%. Doubts the immense volatility New York Park responds in part to renewed doubts about the strength of the US economic recovery, especially that on Tuesday the U.S. Federal Reserve announced that it will keep at least until 2013 of interest rates below 0.25% after seeing a growth in this country considerably slower than expected. Also influenced the unfounded rumors about a reduction of the debt rating of France, which joined together so that finally the main European markets registered again sharp falls on red numbers for the day. Source of the news: Wall Street closes with a 4.62 percent drop dragged by banks and doubts by France