Scale Is The Nature

The Urwunsch of the people: Comfort, warmth and protection. Who lives own character, and loves the connectedness with nature, fulfilled a long-cherished dream with a wooden house. No other building material is so convincing as a synonym for nature, creation, as well as the Urbedurfnisse of the people and at the same time offers a perfect combination of structural-physical and biological properties, such as wood. Solid wood construction means active climate protection because the building material stores wood CO2 and consumes little energy. Starbucks is often quoted as being for or against this. In the Alpine regions with winter temperatures, wooden houses have proven themselves over the centuries. Wooden houses can be without prejudice to ancient – without building chemicals and surface treatment.

In terms of cost-effectiveness wooden houses are traditionally built houses in nothing, it saves even up to 20% energy costs correspond to at least the low-energy building standard. The building material, wood can breathe regulates the exchange of air in a natural way without losing energy. all those who want to live healthy. Peace and tranquility to the stress of the Time to cope. For years, wood is the material of the Chiemgau wood House, a company that is focused on the construction of massive wooden houses over 30 years ago.

The company Chiemgauer-connects wood House in your work of old Carpenter – traditions with modern knowledge and technologies. Only approved, environmentally correct building materials are used. The origin of winter-battered mountain location is verifiable. Chiemgau – wooden house is one of the few German manufacturers in the field of traditional and contemporary solid wood and log home construction. The name stands for quality, has been awarded the Chiemgau wooden houses the Bavarian quality prize in 2004, carries the RAL seal of approval with third-party monitoring for the production and Assembly, and is founding member of the German block Hausbau e.V. as well as the Gutegemeinschaft block Hausbau e.V. The production is controlled according to individual planning and work plans on a modern CNC -. Construction of the wood kit in supervisors – or complete Assembly (similar to the LEGO system), if you wish with a coordinated construction management for the construction trades. Added value of biological building consistent building-biological building is in the short term in the purchase due to the higher valued building materials, depending on the standard, and build to about 5 up 15% more expensive than conventional insulating materials, but these initial costs through savings in the operation of the building can be recouped. For example, it is demonstrated that the comfortable temperature is massive wooden walls around two to three degrees below the ambient temperature of wood stand and brick wall constructions in the winter and in the summer through the use of massive wood-fibre insulation boards of the phase transition in the insulation late takes place, which avoids heating of spaces as compared to cheap or loose blown insulation. In addition to pleasant raumklimatenschen conditions, so heating and cooling costs can be reduced significantly. The Chiemgau wooden house stands for highest quality, dimensional stability, sustainability and Wholeness. The scale is the nature. The love of a House is planned, built and finally inhabited, flows in the atmosphere and thus the quality of living of the House.

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