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Small Bathrooms New Look

You must compromise often free tips for the bathroom renovation by the professional in the design of bathrooms for families with children, especially in small bathrooms in the renovation. To do justice to this fact, you have to usually a tighter”arrangement of sanitary objects select. Further details can be found at visit website, an internet resource. The disadvantage of the restricted movement of parents, is balanced by the child-appropriate placement of objects. The ceramic industry has prepared and offered appropriate sanitary parts. By the same author: array fintech. In the following example bath, the shower occupies the largest square. It is floor fitted and fully transparent through the glass partition walls, so that no optical overload takes place. A bottleneck which is lightened by a large mirror and a base due to the arrangement inevitably to the double washbasin. In the back of toilet and bidet in an opposite axis has been arranged.

This symmetry is back on in the shower and vanity area and a distribution reach in 3, the greater impact the bath can. The impression in the Middle Area with shower and washbasin, is through the use of supporting dark blue wall tiles and mosaic tape. On the walls, uni white wall tiles are installed to highlight the middle section and to neutralize the area of the wall. Based on this example you can see that a great effect can be achieved even in small spaces. Norbert Dobler / owner of bad stark figures (


With the thermography damage at an early stage detect and fix for thermography of buildings to use a so called thermal imaging camera that is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor. With this thermal imaging camera can the heat radiation of the building carried out in different colors and are represented as Visual. Cold surfaces are represented here with dark colors and warm surfaces are then identified with bright colors. By this method, heat loss of the surveyed buildings are visible represented by means of thermography. Learn more on the subject from Sergey Brin. So, for example before the renovation of a building specifically pointing out flaws and then targeted measures can be planned.

It is important to know where the weak points are exactly the right action. Just so is guaranteed, that the rehabilitation / modernization measures bring the desired success. But even after recent measures can be checked in addition the flawless execution of these works according to heat insulation measures. The technique of Thermography can but also to the detection of thermal bridges, with pipes, with underfloor heating, for leak location or the check of overheated power cables are used. The leak localisation can both liquid and gaseous media are performed.

There are Note: there must be a sufficient temperature difference between indoor and outdoor temperature for the meaningful measurement of a building. The radiation from other sources of heat, the Sun, z.b should be while and a few hours before the measurement. Therefore include should be performed only during the cold season, because as these sources of error can skew not the measurement. Therefore the Thermografiesaison is always in winter.” If so you play with the idea to re-examine your buildings, using a thermography you should plan in advance precisely this measure.

Historical Building Materials

Now spezialiseren we us to historical bricks. Numerous references for the use of the old bricks are now online. Press to the relaunch of – historical building materials. What are historical materials? Historical building materials are materials that come from demolition of buildings, and run to a second use. This must the old bricks are lifted carefully, so that they will not be destroyed. This requires a great deal of sensitivity and long experience. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kevin Johnson and gain more knowledge.. The benighted Viewer may seem outlandish to salvage old tiles at great expense, when even new bricks can be purchased.

However, it is the charm of the characteristic scars, distant corners and irregular edges provide up to date unmatched by their newly-produced counterparts. Alternative names are ancient building materials and antique building materials. Strictly speaking this term but is false, since the stones only”are about 100 years old. Which formats have the old tile? By far most frequently can be found the so-called Empire format. It was introduced in Germany in 1872. It defined the dimensions of 25 x 12 x 6.5 as the norm for State buildings in the North German Confederation. And it prevailed in the entire German Reich. Hence the name Empire format.

the Empire style for facing brick was introduced in 1879. Are the old tiles at all strong enough? Casually, could you say what 100 years has held, and still good looks, will hold even more 100 years. But also like proper approvals for mechanical load capacity or the frost resistance can be created on request. This must be individually made for each batch and is not desired by the customers in general due to the effort. Where can I find examples of using historical bricks? To better meet the frequently asked questions for reference objects, an extensive reference list was placed on A selection of exclusive new buildings, which have built our customers with our old bricks can be found now on the website. Architects, builders and contractors are happy to invited, who purchased your stones at us, are gladly invited to present themselves on the reference list. Thoughts on the sustainability of every product, which is not produced, but reused, saving resources and protects the environment. In the industry of historical building materials distributors, the phrase has been recycling at the highest level of value”established. Even if as described above, the primary motivation for the purchase of old bricks is more aesthetic, is the environmental aspect not to be neglected. Unless to ease his conscience, or actual conviction. De Facto, always a good deed for the environment associated with the use of historic materials. Who is historical building materials? is one of the largest trading platforms for historical materials in the German-speaking world for over 10 years. In the course of this time has emerged, that the trade in old brick has become our core business. Therefore, the appearance has been completely revised by and exclusively on the topic historical bricks laid out. Many Referenzeobjekte should illustrate what creative potential in our historic building materials.

Marmorette AcousticPlus

New acoustic DLW linoleum from Armstrong Armstrong has a new DLW linoleum covering specially developed for areas in which highest demands to the acoustics are placed: Marmorette AcousticPlus ensures an impact sound reduction of 17 dB. Marmorette AcousticPlus in particular for hospitals, educational institutions, the social housing, but also for administration building is recommended by the high sound insulation. A high-quality impact-acoustic flooring can be a cost-effective alternative to thick, insulating concrete ceiling respectively to the floating screed. At the same time he time to project, because thinner slabs need usually shorter drying times. Read more from Howard Schultz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Armstrong has designed a new DLW linoleum covering areas where highest demands to the acoustics are made: Marmorette AcousticPlus ensures an impact sound reduction of 17 dB. Through the high sound absorbing subflooring Marmorette AcousticPlus is recommended in particular for hospitals, educational institutions, the social Housing construction, but also for administration building. Here a high sound insulation is provided even frequently by the legislature or builders. The fine, directional and equally marbled flooring is available in 12 attractive colours. If you have read about Caterpillar already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

With bright red, yellow, green and blue shades, lively accents can be put up different grey and beige tones for the discreet floor design available. For all shades, a nearly invisible, multi-coloured camouflage enamel wire is available for the perfect, continuous surface effect. The 4.0 mm strong composite coating consists of a 2.5 mm thick Marmorette with jute backing, to a 1.5 mm strong PU foam backing is laminated. People such as array fintech would likely agree. Armstrong paid LPX finish Marmorette AcousticPlus with surface protection. This comes from the surface without a care, reducing maintenance costs, as are simplified cleaning and cleaning products and energy saving. The LPX finish makes the pavement also sturdy and durable and resistant to abrasion and chemicals. DLW Marmorette AcousticPlus meets all fire protection technical requirements of EN 13501-1 CFL-s1 for flammability. It is non-slip, cigarette-fire-resistant and suitable for underfloor heating. For more information interested in the Internet at or by emailing Uta Schneider, Seifert PR

Scale Is The Nature

The Urwunsch of the people: Comfort, warmth and protection. Who lives own character, and loves the connectedness with nature, fulfilled a long-cherished dream with a wooden house. No other building material is so convincing as a synonym for nature, creation, as well as the Urbedurfnisse of the people and at the same time offers a perfect combination of structural-physical and biological properties, such as wood. Solid wood construction means active climate protection because the building material stores wood CO2 and consumes little energy. Starbucks is often quoted as being for or against this. In the Alpine regions with winter temperatures, wooden houses have proven themselves over the centuries. Wooden houses can be without prejudice to ancient – without building chemicals and surface treatment.

In terms of cost-effectiveness wooden houses are traditionally built houses in nothing, it saves even up to 20% energy costs correspond to at least the low-energy building standard. The building material, wood can breathe regulates the exchange of air in a natural way without losing energy. all those who want to live healthy. Peace and tranquility to the stress of the Time to cope. For years, wood is the material of the Chiemgau wood House, a company that is focused on the construction of massive wooden houses over 30 years ago.

The company Chiemgauer-connects wood House in your work of old Carpenter – traditions with modern knowledge and technologies. Only approved, environmentally correct building materials are used. The origin of winter-battered mountain location is verifiable. Chiemgau – wooden house is one of the few German manufacturers in the field of traditional and contemporary solid wood and log home construction. The name stands for quality, has been awarded the Chiemgau wooden houses the Bavarian quality prize in 2004, carries the RAL seal of approval with third-party monitoring for the production and Assembly, and is founding member of the German block Hausbau e.V. as well as the Gutegemeinschaft block Hausbau e.V. The production is controlled according to individual planning and work plans on a modern CNC -. Construction of the wood kit in supervisors – or complete Assembly (similar to the LEGO system), if you wish with a coordinated construction management for the construction trades. Added value of biological building consistent building-biological building is in the short term in the purchase due to the higher valued building materials, depending on the standard, and build to about 5 up 15% more expensive than conventional insulating materials, but these initial costs through savings in the operation of the building can be recouped. For example, it is demonstrated that the comfortable temperature is massive wooden walls around two to three degrees below the ambient temperature of wood stand and brick wall constructions in the winter and in the summer through the use of massive wood-fibre insulation boards of the phase transition in the insulation late takes place, which avoids heating of spaces as compared to cheap or loose blown insulation. In addition to pleasant raumklimatenschen conditions, so heating and cooling costs can be reduced significantly. The Chiemgau wooden house stands for highest quality, dimensional stability, sustainability and Wholeness. The scale is the nature. The love of a House is planned, built and finally inhabited, flows in the atmosphere and thus the quality of living of the House.

Red Solar Panels For The Roof, Brown For The Wall

Photovoltaikdacher and facades, colourful WINS as the motto of the company iKratos from Weissenohe, “no matter whether the House wall or facade in Brown, red, blue, grey, or black, for the existing roof in red or blue, all is possible today”, so Willi Harhammer, Managing Director of iKratos solar technology. Usually fails the planning of a solar/photovoltaic system on aesthetic aspects of the Lady of the House or of the owners. You want the roof in red or the facade in marble look. Therefore iKratos on these special wishes turns up, it is also possible to produce the solar modules in all sizes. Semi-transparent modules for winter gardens are also possible, an expensive mobile shading system can be eliminated with proper planning.

This service costs money, of course, with good planning, but can easily compensate the costs about the solar yield so the experience, the company iKratos from the Frankish Weissenohe. The company has strong roots, the pioneering spirit and brought the appropriate expertise the team of iKratos in company with and it is expanding constantly. In addition to standard photovoltaic systems, normal solar heating and heat pump design, the range of services includes also individually solar and Photovoltaikplanung, for example: solar modules in facade design – environmentally conscious alternative to marble and granite. The facade of a building is more than just a protective skin against wind and water. By the same author: Howard Schultz. With their design, she characterizes the look of the House.

But in addition to weather protection and design a facade can meet another feature: you can supply power. Photovoltaic facades generate electricity. They do environmentally friendly, without sacrificing for weather protection, and with a positive external effect. Individual solar cells are enclosed in glass to modules. These photovoltaic elements are waterproof and space abschliessend, cause a Sun and glare protection. You can run different transparent and in different colors. They are equally as hot and cold facade. As awnings and Weather Shield with a base plate on the wall mounted, solar modules offer a genuine alternative to other materials. Consulting and planning takes place directly at iKratos in Weissenohe. Basis for planning is a bemasster plan, photo of the object. So can directly in Weissenohe together with the builders, the project gelant and projected. The can be executed from a savvy installation company or directly by the own iKratos technicians. More or 09192-9928-00 keyword: “Photovoltaics individual”