Manchester United

Mediocentro confirms to have forgotten the denunciation that rejected the UEFA by supposed racist insults on the madridista Marcelo. Its intention is to play and to be able to help to the equipment in everything what can. The Bara arrived east Tuesday at London and Saturday will be moderate to the Machester United. The midfield player of the FC Barcelona, Sergio Busquets, who could have lost the end of Liga de Campeones of to him to have sanctioned the UEFA by supposed racist insults on the madridista Marcelo, has recognized that does not have " nothing that demostrar" in Wembley and he assures to have forgotten the happened thing. " I do not have any rage. It is a party as any other and I will leave equal concentrate.

The others are everything to margen" , it assures Busquets to few days of the party that will face to him Manchester United to crown itself like better European equipment. Mediocentro dnsivo to title of Barcelona in last the two seasons, arisen from the azulgrana factory of talents and key player in the victory of the Spanish selection in the World-wide one of Africa, Busquets was seen under the mediatic centers the being accused by Real Madrid by presumed racist insults. Nevertheless, the Catalan player denied in private circles to have insulted to the madridista, a position that ended up accepting the UEFA, when considering that it was not possible to be demonstrated that the serious accusation of the white club was certain. But the player already had been labeled publicly as racist from many sectors, that demanded an exemplary sanction for the azulgrana. Even the madridista technician, Jose Mourinho, returned to leave a message to Barcelona when remembering, days ago, that " fare-play, respect to the adversary and red card to racism do not only have to be palabras".

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