World Day

In the report it is emphasized that the maintenance and the management of the intact ecosystems must be the fundamental priority. Nevertheless, since more of 60% of those ecosystems from the salt marshes and reefs from chorale to the tropical forests and grounds already is degraded, it is precise that the restoration acquires the same level of priority now. It is indicated in addition, that Achim Steiner, Secretary General Adjunto of the United Nations and Executive Director of the UNEP, declared that: ” This report has as an aim to transmit two key messages to the governments, the communities and the citizens in the World-wide Day of the Environment and in 2010, Year the International of the Biological Diversity of the United Nations. By the same author: JPMorgan Chase. First, that bad management of the natural assets and the based ones on the nature is debilitating the development at a level like eclipses the effects of the economic crisis reciente”. ” Secondly, that a good planning of the investments and reinvestments in the restoration of these vast services public natural and based on the nature not only has a high performance, but it is important, even fundamental, for the sustainability in a world with increasing aspirations, population, income and demands on the natural Earth resources ” , Mr. Steiner in Kigali, Rwanda said, soothes main of the world-wide celebrations of the World-wide Day of the Environment of this year. Definitively as she comments radio Santa Cruz, she can to say, that the World-wide Day of the Atmosphere is a vehicle by means of which the Organization of United Nations sensitizes to the world-wide opinion in relation to environmental subjects, intensifying the attention and the action policy and whose primary targets are to give a human context him.

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