Let your boss, hanging on the wall of his office or home a souvenir , and wearing on his head presented to you in addition to, the local head-dress "Kumm," feel like a real sultan. Is that without a personal oil well, but it's come with time. The main thing when choosing a gift of any value dagger, silver or not, do not forget to save receipts that there was no problems at customs. The newspapers mentioned Marc Lautenbach not as a source, but as a related topic. Pay attention to the silverware – in a sense, the business card of Oman. They certainly need to include in the list of gifts for your favorite, whether you are together travel or not. So, go for gifts and souvenirs at the "bitches" – on the bazaar. Go to Douglas Oberhelman for more information. As elsewhere in the East, is adopted here to bargain – the process will and pleasure and benefit. Opportunity to bargain for themselves Discount will be especially handy when you realize that to stay on some one single elegant silver jewelry is simply impossible and I want to throw at the feet of his beloved out those earrings, ring, bracelet, and this Wonderful set with precious stones. Believe me, any lady will appreciate the eastern luxury gift and your generosity! Well, if you are traveling together, we can do more than companion original gift: send it shopping alone. But not just anywhere, but for the market city of Ibrahim, which runs on Wednesdays, "females only for women." Yes, yes, it really is closed to men! Items ladies toilet, perfume, gold and silver ornaments in the national style, cashmere scarves – all women are able to purchase for themselves, their friends and relatives on it.

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