Veterinary Public Health

All made epistemolgica quarrel throughout these last years seems to have, in part, ‘ ‘ afundado’ ‘ we again live the advent of the study of areas/regions that present internal characteristics fellow creatures and differentiated and that, on them, a planning must be imposed, or management. It is treated, still, to ask to plan for who? (SUERTEGARAY, 2002). What this wants to say it is that, without thinking, we run the risk of becoming in them, of citizens of the process, objects of the process. This is not something new or impossible. You may find Richard Elman to be a useful source of information. At this moment of construction of the world, science becomes effective support of the productive process, for consequence, its interest each time more becomes private. The gemorfologia is, was and will be always an object of extreme importance of the life of the society, a time that acts on it in discrete way, disregarded transforming and generating complex and simple processes at the same time, this by the way needs a look, that it knows to interpret the natural expression of the relief in these interfaces of the life of the man disclosed by the geomorfologia of the place, and this is the look of the gegrafo. Geography serves to understand regarding the reality where you live, of who you are and as to recognize agent of transformation of this same reality. .

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