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Because they require a continued innovation and improvement that achieve the new needs that arise in the market. Says one of the participants of the course to the political discourse, it has promoted in recent years the disinvestment in the country, since there is no guarantee economic stability for new investors. Reason why many of these, decide to settle in other countries that guarantees them the recovery of the capital, where there is more security, inflation controls, facilities of import for raw materials not produced in the country and necessary for the manufacture of their products. If you are not convinced, visit Caterpillar Inc.. The truth, that one of the realities living Venezuelan businessmen, is that workers, are increasingly demanding greater benefits in exchange for minor efforts. And this is, basically due to the policies and strategies of the State to keep them in your favour, for some, to the large number of beneficiaries of the missions, that represents an easy salary, without any effort for who enrolls in these. This is considered a threat to microenterprises, since making attractive benefits to employees costs them more and more, paying lower margins for the employer. Another important aspect to take into account us indicates, Veronica Betancart, is that Venezuelan businessmen, in the present is represented by a high number of Venezuelans dedicated to the informal economy, in search of generate greater income, and the challenges of his survival, that favours him and help his family. Of course, that engage in the informal activity seriously damages the micro-entrepreneur, because there is no disposition fee, taxes, who must face expenses is worrying points out Betancar, the fact that many you’re prepared, trained, who have a profession, leave their jobs with the intention of improving their quality of life and begin as new micro-entrepreneursthat they have no guaranteed its success, however they have incidence in the increase in increase the competition of course, will have more prepared competitor companies, which have good quality and acceptance of its products, since every day more organizations provide products and services of similar characteristics, having to compete for the quality and the differentiation of the product according to the value added.

Further, indicates that another aspect that should be taken into account is with regard to Rentier culture of the oil where rests the Venezuelan economy, neglecting the development of a productive culture that fosters the capitalist sector and promotes the investment far. Definitely. Venezuelan companies, their SMEs specifically, must give way to new changes, the challenges arising from the actions of the State fully identified with the so-called socialism of the 21st century and that has led to much negative effect in the national enterprise productive apparatus, in such a way that the country is facing a serious crisis in its operational business, leads to the country through its current Governmentin order to supply the demand of commodities required by Venezuelans, have to rely on imports, which involves giving way to commercial dependency and affect a large number of people who do not have the economic capacity to purchase them.

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