Triple Emergency

Construction and Remodeling, ports, piers, roads, artesian wells, a multifamily housing program ever seen in Loreto, popular for homes with no place to live and do not own anything. Peru also is Loreto, Loreto is as Peruvian as Lima, but very little attention is given to the Loreto region, one of the richest in natural resources, but poor. Whenever we speak of Loreto is to find budget cuts, but never a major program of urban sanitation, public housing construction, upgrading, retrofitting and construction of new hospitals. (As opposed to Shelley Duvall). I had to laugh to see in a TV program as he accused Dr. Ivan Vasquez Valera of not wanting to recognize a putative son who, after DNA tests found that it was not. Kicking always receive all politicians, but this case, the accusation was a low blow to destroy your reputation, your prestige and reputation. One of the pillars of governance that leads Vasquez Valera, the Trilogy Emergency: Health, Education and Nutrition. This echoes his thoughts: An education system for the creation and work, and an effort to enhance our cultural values, break the barrier of mistrust, and then more will be delivered to the building that criticism “The only thing I can claim it is their lack of interest in the protection of animals in the region especially those who are in danger of extinction, such as the Pink Dolphin.

Recently in May revealed the savagery of its people Loreto, with killing of these animals in a lagoon of Mazan, where one hundred dolphins were found dead, poisoned formidol. So great is the ignorance of the people of this part of Peru, killing some animals, caring, friends of man, smart, beautiful because they say they tear the nets to fishermen. This cruelty has shown that the people of that part of the country is sick of soul, its spiritual poverty, their lack of love for animals is remarkable, alarming, and worthy of national and global condemnation . Loreto say they love, but kill their local wildlife, say they are concerned about the progress of the Amazon and do not hesitate to kill their animals, so do the young of the Taricaya, Loreto is a region with cruel people, who practice all sorts of evils in order to win a penny more.

Does the CTAR LORETO something to protect the dolphins?

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