The Temperature

As far as personal hygiene, to save energy he is better to take a shower than to bathe. Also he is very recommendable to install skillful with restricted flow, since it will cause that it saves a 40% or more in its expenses. Clear that the flow mall pillows restricted they will have to settle as much in the bath as in the kitchen. At the time of also cooking it can save. How? Then to begin, it cuts the food in smaller pieces and covers the pots in which it is cooking, since the foods will be ready of faster form. Also he is recommendable to use the correct size of pot or frying pan in agreement with the foods that are cooking not to spend more electricity of the account. And to defrost foods he is better the microwaves, since it spends less electricity than the conventional furnaces. Being left us in the kitchen there are more forms of saving, like for example defrosting often the freezer and maintaining it full; and it is that as much refrigerators as deep freezes are more efficient when they are full, since more energy is spent when it is tried to maintain cold air instead of food.

Although, of course, it is necessary to leave sufficient space so that the cold air runs that. Also it would be necessary to verify that the seal of the refrigerator is in perfect state to avoid that enters heat to him; in order to verify it, it places a paper in the part of the seal and if this one does not fall, it is that he is all correct one. And, finally in this aspect, the temperature of the refrigerator will have to be between 2C and 3C, whereas the one of the freezer it must be among -17C and 15C. Sherbert original Author and source of the article

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