The State

Because of his impairment-free money would not pile falling prices (deflation) and low interest rates. Company believed that in this way there would be a strong and long-lasting supply of capital for the economy. u0085 The free economics is today by the economics, and the representatives of modern economic theories in Germany largely ignored or rejected content. The State can not control the regional funds, outside the official money circuit, and influence, which is why he rejects it! Of course, only the money acquired in the national economic cycle can be converted into Regiogeld! A Hartz 4 receiver can spend only his 369 or convert Regiogeld and spend. Its theoretical and practical expertise in the talent swap cash convert to external services: Lawn mowing against cake bake. Against cash work for euro or regional money.

Note: Because everything together on the regional market is money from the general economic situation with its special and influenced its money circuit! All theories take into account not the latest market developments: the detached from the real economy, nine times larger, global speculative market. The increasing kapitalisierbare intangibles (such as facebook) of intellectual services. The Regiogelder does not flow into unwanted industries: stock markets, arms production and export, gene-farming, real estate markets, etc. regionalization globalization! Each user controls so that the eco-friendly and sustainable product range: sure nobody sold us for Regiogeld in January strawberries for example everyone on a weekly market can directly influence the seasonal product range: buy means determine the forms, content and methods of the regional offer! The regional money supports the preservation of the heterogeneous economic structures, Receipt of workplace and the variety on offer! The butcher must also once again exchange the captured Regiogelder in the region. The Regiogeld promotes the start-up of small providers of various kind. Regiogeld (also regional money) is a democratically agreed between consumers, providers, associations and local authorities, used within a region as payment, investment and Schenkungsmittel.

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