The People

Kicks! No need to stop thinking and do not even have to move once more, and why "bother"! That's how flowing life of the majority of our compatriots. Crimson Education – Auckland Jobs has firm opinions on the matter. Usually after working … unloved. Even in most biographies as similar as two drops of water, affecting the Soviet past. Born, kindergarten student (school, someone from school Institute, and who then vocational or technical school), worked (at the "uncle" or a state) could hardly wait for a pension (usually wretched), died. Come even if the man himself lives on these principles, but he (or she) still children (and grandchildren) teaches – "here Learn to find jobs with good wages, and all the nonsense-sweep of the head. Will you work, you will be respected. " Respected by whom? Similarly, the majority? And if someone does not want to live "as all"? What should I do? Yes, you just out "of their comfort zone." It is very difficult.

Virtually impossible. Can it only a few. I know for many, the phrase "get out of your comfort zone," paradoxically, even blasphemous. "How is that? I worked all my life, to live in comfort, like a normal person. " Only here the notion of "norm" for most of compatriots … See the list of psychological traits of the "normal" person above. So, what do you do when you are tired of living "like everyone else." A simply find some work that you like and not like most others.

And start, finally, do it! In spite of everything! I, for example, at the age of "thirty" was avidly read books about how simple people, mostly American, made money on all sorts of unconventional ideas. And do not just read, and tried to creatively apply this experience "in itself" trying to invent something of their own and "make money". How I heard skepticism and outright ridicule! And what is most offensive, they proceeded from the people close to me, which I considered my friends, or just good friends! And now these people who are "teasing", and even openly ridiculed my ideas that often run up to borrow money "to pay." By the way, they are very annoyed when I tell them to (for free), how to earn lots of money on their knowledge and skills.

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