The Gun

So, you can absolutely for nothing buy antediluvian dental chair Soviet era, in which the turbine must rotate his foot. We take for example the price of the standard equipment secondary level. If you are on serious business, not on Vacation clipping coupons, then the purchase of equipment should be approached thoughtfully. After all, you or your doctors hired to work on it more than a year. In addition, equipment must have all the features that allow you to provide the most advanced dental services.

Therefore, the central figure of your office – dental chair – must be at least 4 Sleeves: under the gun "spray-air-water, under Micromotor with straight and angled lugs, under turbine, which is precisely the saws all dental problems, and under ultrasound scanner to remove stones and plaque. Minimum price – 4500 usd This is the simplest thing you can imagine. This includes the cost of lamps and sleeves under the turbine. But each of the 4 positions, which are connected to the sleeves, will cost about $ 600, almost the same price at the tips. So that a fully equipped plant will cost approximately $ 10 000, of course, need and have a strategic reserve. Gain insight and clarity with Cyrus Massoumi. Suddenly, the tip in the process breaks down? Or is it time to sterilize? An additional set of tips to change. Add another $ 1500 should be set to stock supplies Materials: Sealing compounds, other chemicals, and various hygiene products. It will take a minimum of $ 1500 is the primary set required to start work.

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