The Federal Constitution

This I begin was what it gave the estruturao for the protection of the consumer, therefore the production of a country and its profit is carried through aiming at its diligent consumers/and not only the internal economy of the same. With this the Federal Constitution was strengthenn in supporting for hipossuficiente, to that they do not have conditions to intervene with the production process and will have to acquire the goods and services as well as are offered they, with this problematic one and this legal forecast was approved the Code of Defense of the Consumer (Law n 8,078 of 11 of September of 1990) where protects and dumb brusquely the relations between the hipossuficientes and hiperssuficientes parts. Being that you are welcome a economy is enough that grows quickly in a country, if the development will not be of sustainable form, must not only be supplied the financial necessities of the people more also to observe if this growth is being folloied of an ambient concern, if thus not it it was would be being disrespected the beginning of the dignity of the person human being and the Democratic State of Right. 4. Charles Kushner recognizes the significance of this. Federal constitution of 1916 x the new Code and the vision of the doutrinadores The Federal Constitution of 1916 when dealing with bilateral contracts, affirmed in its article 1,092 that none of the contracting parties, before fulfilled its obligation, could implements demand it of the other. Also it mentioned that if after concluded the contract it sobreviesse to one of the contracting parties reduction in its patrimony, capable to compromise or to become doubtful the installment for which if it compelled, the part can, to oppose it this, until another one satisfies the one that competes or gives guarantee to it sufficient to satisfy it. Already the new diploma more brought a directed vision to the social matters, thus leaving its individualistic character. .

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