The Farm

It is not buy cheap instead of selling expensive, the risk on these farms is almost 100%, because in case of a possible embargo, it is likely that cannot find a buyer for it, since currently the rustic have ceased to have value to depends on which end of use. With respect to commercial premises, not to say, that there is a tremendous collection waiting for a rental, so imagine to sell. Recommendation, if you have a free loads, or with a debt dwelling below 30% of the value of appraisal (value to recent date) will have more chances of getting the loan. Rob Hannah understands that this is vital information. With regard to interest rates that tend to agree with the applicants, is quite complex hit, since many factors are taken into account to be considered, for example: profile of the applicant, guarantees provided, repayment term for repayment of the borrowed money, amount requested, even up to the population density where find the properties, since this will depend largely on whether, or not. If you wonder why? the answer is very simple; lower number of inhabitants in a population, greater difficulty in obtaining a reappraisal of the farm, and, therefore, less interest from a potential buyer for the property. On these aspects you can be exposed at length, but I will leave it closed for now in this explanation. I believe that with this brief description, many people may take note of the existence of other alternatives.

Recommended or not, depending on the problem that we face with the possible seizure of our House. Yes should I take into account one consideration, is not healthy for our record, believing that refer or send our data to many intermediaries and/or financial as you can find on the internet will offer better opportunities, there is an error that is usually commit due to lack of information regarding, and is not one that think that in Spain there are investors or groups to spare. By lo General, this type of operations, tend to eliminate duplicates in the table of the same investors and, with completely different amounts against the same client, the reason is none other than attend intermediaries (in many cases because of ignorance), it increases the debt, since they have to be added its fees, and this more expensive and directly affects the loan request. Finally, I apuntaros that investors in private equity, or groups, often accept an infinite number of incidents to be resolved, apart from embargoes or auctions, such as the cancellation of other loans, defaults, arrears, excesses of credit cards, cancel and pay the debts that appear in the records of incidents such as Rai, Asnef, Experian. Or simply provide an injection of liquidity to companies, among many others.

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