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Ahead of this fact, the Brazilian diplomacy obtained to firm an agreement with the French government, that was the main dificultador of these exportations, to liberate the transit of at least 20 a thousand yards for month 20. The market of the coffee was wronged due the necessity of the importation of products that are necessary for the subsistence of the population, and as the coffee was not considered as sort of first necessity, was declared as war contraband and this hindered the entrance it product in some countries. More or less of the same one Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation

– GOLD YEARS EXPORTAOIMPORTAO % OF THE IMPORTATION ON OF EXPORTATION 1914 46,803 35,473 74,3 1915 53,951 30,088 55,9 1916 56,462 40,369 71,3 1917 63,031 44,510 70,3 1918 61,168 52,817 87,0 1919 117,388 71,867 61,2 SOURCE: IBGE Later, with the organization of the European industries, the situation of the Brazilian trade balance started if to invert. .

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