Syscovery Practice Day

SharePoint 2010, so they benefit from the solution and more questions on the topic “SharePoint 2010” will answer’s experts of syscovery on the practice days in Mannheim and Munich and on the basis of live present demonstrations. For each business scenario, where people want to work together with other people and need to share information and content, SharePoint 2010 provides a comprehensive package of applications and possibilities. This is SharePoint 2010 ready and effort directly applicable can adapted but also to individual business requirements and also integrate with existing systems. SharePoint 2010 is the ideal platform for the exchange of information within (intranet) and outside the company (extranet, website). syscovery helps companies in the group, as well as medium-sized businesses environment design, introduction, development and operation of SharePoint solutions.

It also issues such as infrastructure (virtualization, can ServerSizing, security etc.) be covered. As a service provider of the first hour for SharePoint solutions, syscovery offers numerous experiences from which customers benefit. On the basis of practical examples, syscovery practice day is a “behind the scenes” of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and presents pragmatic approaches. Addressed are all decision makers and IT managers of companies who want to plan the migration to SharePoint 2010, or merge the collaboration in the enterprise and their workflows on a common platform.

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