South America

Long-haired Guinea Pigs need due to their long hair in contrast to long-haired Guinea Pigs also Peruvians called do not live in the wild. As a subspecies of conspecifics based originally in Central and South America, they have been bred explicitly for the people. Their coat is long, dense and shiny; Red, black, white or multi-coloured. Arises for you as holder /-in these long-haired cheery Fellows a special commitment in the grooming: truncation of the fells, provide relief from the heat and help the rodents, so that the skin doesn’t get in the way them – for example by urinating or grooming. Long-haired Guinea pig may like their other conspecifics about 8 years old and are up to about 30 cm long. Males are significantly heavier than the female, which make it an average 1000 g with nearly 1700 g. Please keep not individually long-haired Guinea pig.

You want as pack animals along with their own kind and not exclusively with animals of other species, as E.g. rabbit, in spacious, draught-free and not too warm cages with spout and attractive hideout and game offerings are held. Do not Guinea pig please just when longhair litter dusty sawdust; use preferably pressed pellets. Just when the long-haired rodents, there is the danger by using the sawdust of fur tie-ups. Offer a variety of food from various grasses and hay the rodents. Also, leaves, bark, fruits and roots should not be missed, with just fruit due to the sugar content should be fed only very gently. You should further information to the attitude and care of your pet, here under long-haired Guinea Pigs find further useful information around the guinea pigs, but also information about how to install guinea pigs and their attitude, what are to be considered in the Guinea pig birth and how you should deal with babies and young animals or not. Take good care of your Guinea pig and it will give you a lively and healthy pet long remain.

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