Social Service

For Faleiros (2005) the construction of action strategies involves the availability of resources, the power, the organization, the information and the communication, for the confrontation for the citizen of the professional action, of the relationary questions. This means to assume the estimated one of the investigativa action as new possibilities of intervention, in the measure where desvela the contradictory and produces the necessary conditions for the confrontation and overcoming of social matters that if present daily. However, one becomes necessary to characterize the demands that are placed to the profession, under the form of institucional and professional demands. To investigate the articulated professional answers to the hegemonic professional projects in the interior of the professional category, in view of ampler a societrio project and the particular expectations of the Social Service in Brazil. The growth of the pressure in the demand for services is each bigger time, on the part of the using population by means of the o increase of the inaqualities and more precarious public services each time not taking care of the vulnerabilities. As War (2006: 20) A time that what it is demanded by the institution always more is reduced of what really express the social demand. Some institucional demands more directly answer the reproduction of the capital, others indirectly. But this does not exclude the fact of them always to contribute for reproduction of the capital.

In this direction, for each demand a social necessity exists that it produces and exist proper interests for its definition as demand. One understands that the social assistant when guiding itself for its theoretical professional ability, technician-operative ethical-politics and, becomes clearly that the purpose of its action is to understand the Real meant of its demands. Therefore, it is necessary that the social assistant has clearly that its practical professional is on to the historical process of the reality, since the Social Service emerges and if it develops in the capitalist society to take care of to the antagonistic necessities (capital x work), collaborating of necessary form with projects that come with objective to solve or the least to brighten up the condition of the social matter and the world of the work.

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