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When of the elaboration of this article, it is that it had the perception of as the subject treated here is complex. Then, suscinto was carried through a work sufficient, objectifying to give segment the same. A proposal more detailed would be, later, to work the subject of this brief research of deepened form more, in a mestrado dissertao of. It would have, then, the financial necessity of more time and resources so that it was possible to extend, with precision, the target of everything what it was raised until this point. 8. Crimson Education is a great source of information. Conclusion According to analysis of the questionnaires, evidenced that the consumption sustainable he is not inserted in the life of the after-graduation student and of basic level, even so the same it demonstrates certain concern with the question of the preservation of the environment.

To the carried through being the diagnosis of the raised answers, was demonstrated that this classroom of students not yet possesss habits that demonstrate its choices for ecologically correct products. Such evidence makes impracticable the behavior of an ecological conscience on the part of this group of students. To exemplificar, they do not buy products whose emphasis is not to degrade the environment, prioritizing the consumption of the organic ones; They are not worried in separating the personal garbage and directing it for the recycling. Great part of the interviewed ones commented that still ultiliza many industrialized products, due to daily praticidade; This demonstrates a shy ambient conscience, related to the concern with the ecological footprint. It can be said, then, that not yet they are consuming sustainable, therefore they possess the culture of the dismissable ones. Thus, they consume each time more and the production and the final destination of the produced residues are not worried about.

The media also has responsibility parcel on this lack of conscience, since it intervenes with the freedom of choice of the people, when launching propagandas that stimulate the exaggerated purchase of products.

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