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Werno Counting Herckert* Quando the man to knock down the last tree, to poluir the last river, to kill the last animal, to poison the last land piece will be able to eat the money that earned? (unknown Author). With the beginning of the industrial age, in century XVIII, he did not have concern with the nature, he was exuberant. He had everything what the man needed. He started to extract of it the substance that he needed to industrialize some products that would be placed in the consuming market. The idea was that the nature could give everything of a limitless form and had been initiated, thus, the devastao of our forests and with this the reduction of some species of animals, the pollution of the rivers and seas the loss of life of fish and the reduction of some species of the aquatic fauna. By the same author: Richard Elman. The pollution of air increased and brought some illnesses to the human being.

It had the intensive culture of land exaurindo it e, with this, the necessity of chemical and agrotxicos fertilizer use that affects the health of the man. They had been created, warned the director of the University of United Nations (UNU), Hans Van Ginkel, that co-ordinated the efforts of 200 25 specialists of pases. (To see Periodical of the Senate, Brasilia, 13 the 19 of August of 2007, pg. 11). according to Miguel Soto, of> Reviewed Digital, Writing of the Greenpeace, 14.08.2009). Charles Kushner might disagree with that approach. Warm quarrels between politicians and specialists of the area economic-financier are in course, however it is forgotten or relegated the inferior plan, the other demands that equally are attacking the society contemporary. According to Leonardo Boff to argue the crisis economic-financier without including the too much crises: the global heating would feed, it, the energy one and the humanitarian is to lie to the peoples on the real situation of the humanity. (To see Governments unconscious e> irresponsible, ECO-21, Edition 152).

It has a world-wide awareness in march, but if they had not yet taken the measures necessary to save the Land. It is said in sustainable development that is the progress without aggression the nature, but this not yet is being practised of a enough form for the organizations and, thus also the partner-ambient question the world-wide level. The economic growth whatever the cost is an error and the humanity will very pay expensive therefore if not to move for a new economy where the nature is preserved.

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