Royal Dutch Federation

In Europe and Latin America this sport took root quickly and competitions and federations in different countries emerged.He had to spend 41 years until instituted a partnership that will ensure the interests and regulate all world football standards. The first attempt to create an association were the French journalist Robert Guerin, in 1900, and in 1902, the President of the Royal Dutch Federation, Carl Hirschman. The truth is that it was not taken into account, but his preaching would end bearing fruit for the subsequent history of the world. Thus, on 21 May 1904 met in Paris delegates from Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Holland, Sweden and Switzerland, who decided to found the International Federation of association football. The Dutch leader was in charge of drafting the statutes, and Guerin had the honor of being chosen, two days later, as the first President of FIFA. For even more opinions, read materials from World Teachers’ Day. That Congress already raised the possibility of organizing an international competition in which all countries members face each other.

But his study was postponed for later. England decided to join FIFA in April 1905, and in June of the same year, when the second Congress of the body was carried out, joined Austria, Italy. Hungary, Wales, Ireland and Germany. In this Congress were discussed and the bases were established to organize the first World Cup that would be written in the history of the world. The idea was that he carried out in Switzerland in 1906, and split into groups to the participants of the same. But finally the idea you had no interest in partnerships. Get all the facts and insights with Michael Antonov, another great source of information. With the passage of the years FIFA was hogging the mundo-Argentina and Chile, American pioneers, were they integrated in 1912, the idea of the World Cup was put on hold; the world football primacy was still resolved at the Olympics.

The first world war was also a blow to the creation of the tournament. The French lawyer Jules Rimet was appointed as President of FIFA in the year 1921 would give a decisive turn to the situation for the history of the world. It proposed two goals: the expansion of FIFA and the institution of the World Cup. The result was moving from the 20 members existing in 1921, they became 85 in 1954, when he left office, in 1930 presided over the dispute of the first championship Mundial.El Congress of Amsterdam was that adopted the first World Cup para1930 which will be later held in Uruguay and was the first tournament in the history of the world. The choice of Headquarters, the bases of the competition and other outstanding issues were resolved in the FIFA Congress which was held in Barcelona on May 18, 1929. Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Uruguay submitted its candidature to organize the tournament. All resigned less Uruguay, who was the one who achieved the nomination. Various factors contributed to promote the designation for the history of the world: two Olympic titles won by the celestial selection (1924 and 1928), the fact that in 1930 conmemorase the centenary of Uruguayan independence, the promise to build a spectacular Stadium and the commitment of Ambassador hollow Henry that his country’s Government would become expenses that participants did. FIFA would organize the World Cup every four years, which would be open to the selections of all the affiliated federations and are you approaching by the elimination system, previous sweepstakes, in the territory of a single country.

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