Rosa Parks

I want to put an end to the tax benefits granted to companies that relocate the jobs and give a tax credit to companies that create jobs here in the United States, helping, also immediately families, people are talking about only the financial crisis, not to mention those relating to energy, food, the environment requires a stroke of rudder which should not be taken by economists who have already failed but by those who have an orientation based on the reality of a round world capable react due to the distinctive creative capacity of human beings. A new for the new President was that it opens with the collapse of an economic system that has excluded and marginalized, which has preferred a plutocracy (G-7 / G-8) to the multilateral and democratic system that represents the UN, which must now be very quickly, deeply reformed, including the World Trade Organization, the IMF and the World Bank for reconstruction and developmentThey must fulfill the missions for which were created by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944. It will be a President exceptional because it is able to inspire citizens and by unifying their candidacy nature because he knows to convince the American people and the world that United States is going to be renewed. Be renewed. United States and the entire world. Again, democratic values. Again, the hope.

Again, inventing the future. Again, the role of the young generations. Again, the conviction that together, we can. Again, freedom. Obama not already run the risk of being which has revolutionized a system that was clear who should suffer a profound and urgent change. Already not be may accuse him of having disrupted what only a few months ago the architects and beneficiaries of globalization and the market economy were still presenting as great solution.

Obama comes at a time when a new model is desired by almost everyone. And it means, against the inertia, merit, ability to innovate, solidarity. We need new leaders for new times, with major transitions. Force to the word. A culture of violence and war to a culture of dialogue, conciliation and peace. Major crises, large opportunities. No more resignation. The time of the revolt peaceful but firm in favor of human redemption has arrived. We are going to be all black civil rights activist, Rosa Parks, and are not going to give up the seat we use (she on a bus, we in the world) for reaching the destination of that other possible world we desire without delay. I have had a dream. I have dreamed the dream of Martin Luther King, the dream of equality, justice and freedom. Obama, American black, President of the United States!

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