Political Changes In Latin America Raise Concerns

No one can be called free or happy without participating in the State. Hannah Arendt. We're playing at present in the Latin American scene, which has re-activated, leading to changes, changes that can not be ignored. As citizens and actors in these scenarios, we can not pass unnoticed, which in recent years, Latin American countries have led to political changes in some countries, in some it seems that democracy, freedom, could be threatened according to the interests of political parties have come to power, leading to the manifestation of onset of turbulent scenarios seriously affected with regard to economic, security, freedom, development. Countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela has given way to change based on a socialist ideology that has generated serious concern, not only to the inhabitants of those countries, who fear its reach, impact, but the rest of those serving Latin America, because they believe that these changes lead to a meaningful division at the decision of countries like Peru, Colombia, Chile, who does not want to know anything and Socialism (as indicated by their recent presidential elections has elected a president right) tells us, Prof. Guillermo Cortes Lutz, Latin America policy that currently and historically has been in the hands of a small group, the powerful, regardless of their political orientation. Yesterday chiefs talk about today is talk of barons, would be valid also other names such as employers, leaders, heads of trends or the emergence of political business, business to dry, millionaires, etc., Which are involved in political and her with the look of the owner, are all those who handle the reins of power, taking the words of the historian Sofia Correa. .

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