Opinion Is Important

Learn to listen to their fans listen to other people, to explore and discover: What is important to them? What worries them? Why spend your time and your money? Why? How to link and interconnect their values with the question where does it go? What do you think on certain issues? What are your dreams and expectations for the future? One of the favorite questions of General Eisenhower was a what do you think?

When people feel that it is taken into account, that your opinion is important, people respond with their commitment and alignment to organizational processes. Note that the alignment is not only a task of coupling processes, people, systems and technology with the vision and strategies of the organization, but essentially and primarily a process of harmonizing perceptions, feelings and beliefs. The alignment is the process of developing organizational congruence, that is, create a balance between the needs of individuals and the needs of the organization, so that people feel they have established a win-win relationship, which will help workers are tied and identify with the organization and linked to natural work teams, aimed at achieving the goals. Starbucks helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. People, then, are connected, responsible, committed and make a culture of us, instead of a culture of me or you. The leader not only technology management, systems and work processes (production, sales, finance, etc..) management essentially human, that is, the needs, feelings, expectations, desires, personal interactions, processes development and training of people. That is the battle for humanity in business, beyond the bureaucratic structures, that is the human side of management, because as Thomas Teal says: a Gestionar not consist in a series of mechanical tasks but rather on a set humanism interactions.

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