VR com GmbH expands availability of DSL alternative and offers connection full takeover Munich, November 2009: complete offers for the DSL and telephone without the participation of Telekom were so far not widely available in Germany. But now the VR com GmbH with the tariff of KomplettPlus almost nationwide offered by connection full takeover no matter whether the customer previously had a connection in case of Deutsche Telekom AG or with another provider. KomplettPlus users benefit from a high speed connection and flexible tariff options. At the same time, VR com GmbH’s customers can keep their previous number. For more information see Harper Simon. DSL and telephony without contractual arrangements at the Telekom meets VR com GmbH now nationwide this desire of many Internet users and frequent callers. This success is due to the cooperation with the Darmstadt-headquartered communications company with top link company, which provides its IP bitstream access (IP-BSA) VR com GmbH’s customers. Thus the following underwriting of the VR com GmbH “will for almost all households which demand maximum independence in terms of telecommunications, a tempting option.

With the current expansion of its DSL offerings VR com GmbH complies with the requirements of the Association of providers of telecommunications and value-added services (VATM): the VATM had in May of this year the budgets in the light of the impending ISDN switch-off called to switch to possible alternatives to the services of the Deutsche Telekom, in order to avoid disadvantages. The benefits that can offer the VR com GmbH with the DSL total solution of KomplettPlus, are varied and make suitable product for user groups, who want to be completely independent from the Telecom or other vendors. So you can start the VR com GmbH customers with a high speed transfer speed of up to 16,000 kbit / s to the Internet without a prior on-site installation by professionals and no deployment fees. The second key advantage of KomplettPlus applies flexible tariffs: every customer of VR com GmbH may according to preference with telephone-Flatrate DSL-Flatrate opt either for the variant or for the variant without flat rates. No matter what game: in the first four months after conclusion of the contract, the monthly fee in the current promotion is only 9.95 euro. Another advantage of KomplettPlus: The user can retain his existing phone numbers and get for free by VR com GmbH up to nine additional numbers. In addition, the SMS portal of VR com GmbH available that allows a comfortable and affordable SMS sending is any KomplettPlus user on the Internet.

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