Morocco July

The exotic destinations that offer this agency Tanzania, Jordan, Senegal, Thailand, India, Uzbekistan, include among others. Origins of YPORQUENOSOLO YPORQUENOSOLO was founded in 2003 Santiago Rey, that hand after having organized trips for various groups, he realized that the best they worked were those in which people did not know each other. In addition, his personal experience had shown him that most plans with friends or relatives ended up cancelling because there was always someone who could not attend at the last moment. Read more here: Howard Schultz. So he decided to create an agency that would offer different tours in which the only requirement would go alone, without having to rely on anyone but forming part of a group. Since then, one of its main objectives consisted in his travels offered the customer the freedom to do anything they wanted, when they wanted and wherever they want. Thus, began organizing weekend getaways with activities in the Sierra de Madrid.

They were classified into different types depending on the nature of the activities and their duration. Immediately afterwards, attending the direct demand of customers, he decided to organize trips abroad. Little by little, have been increasing the number of departures and destinations until consolidation in the market thanks to Word of mouth and good references from clients who have traveled with this company. For this reason, more than 60% of people who have traveled with YPORQUENOSOLO have repeated the experience. Given the success of this initiative, its website is visited by more than 300,000 users per year and account with around 45,000 registered persons who receive their news newsletter.

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