Modern Management

Majorities, considerations the client has represented in the last years a determining roll based on the performance of a good management of markets that wants to guarantee good services, satisfaction of needs, conquests of markets. Its reach cannot be ignored, repercussions, which involves and why the companies must consider it. Not all the Venezuelan companies, especially the SMEs have been entered in which it represents, noticing that in some schools of Administration. Contact information is here: Kevin Johnson. they ignore the contributions that can generate based on reaching beneficial results. In this writing we entered ourselves in its foundations, I reach, repercussions, advantages and disadvantages, subject widely analyzed in the chair of marketing research of the program of the specialty of management of the quality and productivity. Foundations and Reaches of the CRM. CRM (Customer Relationship Management), can be defined as a software of strategy of businesses centered in the client who is based on the management on the relation with the consumers, focusing in the following points: Functionality of the sales and its administration. the tele-marketing.

the handling of the time. the service and has supported to the client. marketing. the handling of the information for executives. the integration of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) the excellent synchronization of the data. the electronic commerce. the service in the field of sales. Definitively as it contributes in the analysis of the subject Mileydi participant Arteaga of the program this strategy to us allows the companies to identify, to attract and to retain his clients, besides helping them to increase the satisfaction of these and to optimize therefore the yield of its businesses. Therefore, when talking about to the CRM, it implies not only to have suitable software that it allows to manage the relations with the clients, but also that, supposes a change in the processes of the company and the insertion of all the employees of the same so that this strategy is successful.

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