Labor Satisfaction

They summarize the present work is a study of satisfaction realised in the Company Comercializadora and Distribuidora de Medicamentos, Granma., in the period included of June, August and September. For more specific information, check out Douglas Oberhelman. For it a General Survey of Satisfaction was applied to all the workers of the different areas where it was obtained that of general form the workers of the Drug store are in a level of Moderately Satisfied. Although in our company a solid system of Attention takes to the Worker, still they are some insufficiencies that do not allow to reach a greater level of satisfaction, considering that this factor is directly proportional at the levels of productivity in our task. Of the total of workers in the month of June when we began (128), it was chosen using the simple random sampling a representative sample of 92 workers who represent 71,8% of the total. As recommendations are to the Administration the planning of a Plan of directed Action to eliminate and/or to diminish the factors that are causing these dissatisfactions so that the worker can feel in positive a labor atmosphere and of well-being for its optimal yield. IntroduccinEl man as to be social in his to interact in the life it is creating relations of familiar type, social, labor, enterprise. The company concept goes beyond the physical place where it works. The work is a changing social value but that continues maintaining its paper of estructurador of the time, main source of income and personal accomplishment.

In this sense, the company is understood like psychologically significant surroundings. The labor surroundings equip to the individual with adjustment gears its performance, that allow him to print to him to its activity, creativity, dreams, and energies able to develop its activity with responsibility being potentially productive, generating this pleasure and psychic well-being to him. But when this surroundings become negative for the development of its activity it causes to him to the individual dissatisfaction what it does to him that behaves unproductive, fluctuating in its attendance, damaging therefore the main indicators of production of its company.

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