KOLBgroup Takes Over

Aimed at expanding market share in the online-tool trading – Dortmund, 13 January 2014 – which became the 23.12.2013 of the SVH Handels-GmbH, Dortmund tool-online shop svh24.de a subsidiary walking options HAHN + KOLB sold tools GmbH to the Wurth Group. With the HAHN + KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH already has an E-commerce platform that strengthens online sales of operating equipment and tools. This is however mainly aimed at the industry while svh24.de continues its strategy to position as first point of contact by professional craftsmen and ambitious DIY to meet their recurrent needs. Both companies will continue to operate as independent brands in the market and sustainably increase the market share of the group. In addition, both companies are consistently use useful synergies within the group. You may want to visit Titan Feul Tanks to increase your knowledge. It comes on the strengths of each brand to expand and supplement – competent audience-oriented with a fast and reliable service Advice, fast delivery, absolute assortment, high quality products at competitive prices coupled with a high level of availability”, explains Gerhard Heilemann, Managing Director of the HAHN + KOLB tools GmbH. positive effects are also in the field of logistics. The SVH Handels-GmbH has access to the modern logistics and technology centre of the HAHN + KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH, that space efficiently designed the logistics for more than 60,000 different items to approximately 540,000 warehouses and 11,000 m.

The stated goal of the SVH Handels-GmbH and HAHN + KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH is to position the online shop svh24.de as the procurement portal for professional craftsmen and offered a trades-based and is supplementary product portfolio”, so Alexander Schmidt, Managing Director of the SVH Handels-GmbH. About the HAHN + KOLB-group: the HAHN + KOLB-group is one of the world’s leading tool providers and system suppliers. In direct selling, the Ludwigsburg-based company sold Cutting tools, measuring equipment, General tools, handling systems machines, and customer-oriented system solutions.

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