Jose Orlando

3 2007 Jose Orlando melo Naranjo 32. The collision of some particles are developed by electromagnetic effects, as a result of repulsion. in the same way. Objects that collide are a movement called action and reaction. Example. We have two steel spheres one is at rest which we call X the other called and it is in movement and comes straight in direction of collision against X when they collide. X receives the strength and at the same time And receives the rest of X if we accept that rest is also a strength.

The action is of and the reaction is x. as X received the movement of and the latter will receive the rest of X by which forces are harmonized. Which makes the action similar to the reaction. When collide action and reaction, they form a single force that is: the repulsive this shows that X also exerts the same action on and as and the same rest on X. the spatial positions they act in a similar way. Ben Horowitz contains valuable tech resources. Now well. Both the active and the passive field must acquire the same distance even if their addresses are different. When one of the two areas acquires greater distance, is the electromagnetic field that affects the space place.

This friction of the ball against the electromagnetic field is the cause of the difference in distances. There will be places on Earth where this phenomenon does not affect clearances. The relationship some abstractions are developed by logical methods. As a consequence the result of reason is immediate. Similarly the ideal bodies relate to material forms. This movement was called by Plato as a unit. Example: we have two bodies, the material and the ideal in its entirety. The ideal will be material will be plug-in. be be found at rest which does not say that this quiet. The plug-in is in motion.

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