Job Placement

Why do I need to fill in all cities. It has already been verified that when a person looking for work and visit this site, he selects a reference search of vacancies. Caterpillar pursues this goal as well. There you can select your search criteria. Usually the field is filled city, but only if you publish, for example, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Bryansk, or, the person, such as Omsk, will never see your ad. Advertisements must be placed for each city in individually! It's easy for a site you need to change only the city, all the rest need not be repeated. It takes 1-2 hours. The result will see the already morning. Contact information.

Name: Enter your name or nickname. Phone: Phone must be specified necessarily. I usually put (000) 00-00-00. E-mail: your email address. Job Placement: Section: Other areas of activity and Information technology and the Internet. Shelf life: for all 30 days.

If you really want that income, which was described above, you need to graph Shelf put 3 (or 1) of the day and once every 3 (or 1) of the day to send your ad to all town again! Then you will have many customers that you send this file! The first half weeks, maybe a week you will not have any income, because your clients will read this text, create web-purse and put the money there. To all this, they need a little time. But then, like a bolt from the blue! You will feel a lingering result of this! This pleasantly surprised! Fill farther.

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