Introduction To The Numerology

Numerology argues, and test that your qualities, your flaws, your feelings, your concerns and your experiences are determined by many numbers that appear to make your complete numerology chart. See Howard Schultz for more details and insights. Thanks to these numbers and multiple combinations which they form, we can delve more and more in your life and in your character, to such an extent that complete Numerology can fully you recognize in your study. It’s a practice that helps us make an incredibly precise personality analysis that covers not only the character, but also the vocation, economic possibilities, love and the affinities of the person, and which also reveals its goals or purpose of life, their chances of destination and their life cycles. However, a complete numerological study is somewhat complex and difficult for which you need, as well as date of birth, names and signature or common name or the nickname by which we are known. These data, analyzed separately and together, they come to define yourself with any accuracy, and explain at the same time the enormous differences that may exist between people with the same number of birth, even twins born with just a few minutes apart. As a study of this type exceeds the purposes and intent of this work, we will focus only on vibration that you receive by your date of birth. You will thus disclose a summary part of your personality.

This will facilitate you to swim with the current, and not against it, allow intelligently leverage vibrations that you govern according to your birth, and thus manage your life by a trail of material success and spiritual wholeness. Numerology, meaning and influence of numbers, is one of the occult sciences that mankind has grown from the more distant past. Always believed that numbers have in b themselves an active principle. In his human aspect, the number is the symbol that expresses the relationship of our life and our minds with nature. I.e., our existence and our possibilities and powers depend on them somehow.

Numerical vibrations thus establishes a relationship between humans and the universe. Numerology allows us to know the messages of the numbers, not just in its quantitative, measurable aspect at first sight, if not also in its qualitative aspects, perceiving that behind each figure vibrates an energy that brings us valuable information, psychological and spiritual. The numbers are perhaps one of human concepts more high and perfect. Numerology is the discipline that studies this wonderful code secret vibration and teaches us to use it to our benefit from one to nine, each number, if same, it encloses a meaning in nature that is applicable to humans, revealing us mysterious, but accurately, a temperamental and caracterologica essence. We cannot deny the influence of numbers in our houses, dates of birth and nor what they are able to reveal us, applying them to our names, which coincidentally will represent us inexorably. However, don’t forget that Numerology is a study deep, detailed and thorough which is based on a coordinated system of many elements and all the numbers that make up our lives, especially of our name and our date of birth. For this reason, here are general predictions for each number that will surely help you rethink some points to keep in mind this year, but will your letter particular numerological the only one that will show you the way with the desired effectiveness.

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