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He could seriously be wrong, but the predominant vector of the mass of individual ratings, as it turns out, almost always true anticipates short-term economic situation. To read more click here: Keith McLoughlin. An experiment: the same questions were asked the mass of ordinary people and a large group of experts, experts on economic issues. It was found that the responses of a separate ordinary consumer may be very different from the responses of the expert, the ordinary consumer is often wrong. But the average response 'aggregate consumer' has turned out remarkably close to the answer Experts: consumers are not all together wrong. Another experiment has put the life in 1978 when the U.S. (Similarly see: Douglas Oberhelman). had a stock market crisis. Experts predict the collapse of the economy, but the ppi remained unchanged. The consumer was rights: the economic crisis did not happen.

In Russia, the ppi is calculated since 1993, and in the city of Omsk, such studies have not previously had. As a result, the first wave of a study conducted by "Delphi" Index Omsk consumer sentiment in April 2009 is 101. This indicates that the Omsk as consumers of goods and services on the one hand, do not feel panic, but on the other hand – they can not be called optimistic. Such a value ppi is due to social pessimism Omsk in the short term (1 and 2), whose financial position has deteriorated over the last year (the index is 73, which is almost identical with the Russian index of the changes financial situation, which in the first quarter of 2009 was 75), the nature of power has deteriorated over the past 3-4 months (the index is equal to 85).

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