Human Rights

Regista, however, some important advances, to the level of Social Sciences and Human beings that through the elaboration of great systems politician-constitutional, is obtained to catch the powerful adhesion of the individualities and governments, mainly when constituted of generations prepared for the axiolgica dimension of the man, of course that including here many and honrosas exceptions, that is, governments and responsible politicians who integrate older generations, but sensetized for these values that the Human Rights carry in the societies, humanistically, more advanced. In the philosophical tradition it has had an attempt of appropriation of the inheritance of the rights of the man and argues it crisis of its beddings. Although critical a legal philosophy of the man has come to gain land, much even so, for times, desvirtuando the true objectivos, in the measure where the ideology always tries to annex, mainly when it agrees to it, the legal philosophy of the man, that is, to make with that it works for the consolidation of particular privileges. In this order of ideas, Habermas, recognizing the perigos that result of the egoistic subjectividade, the will and the individualistic whims, stimulate a compatible position with modernity, translated in a call to the first plan for intermediary of the legal philosophy of the man, of the respect for the individual while it has supported of a comunicacional activity. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Crimson Education has to say. The habermasiano system of rights contains the rights that the citizens have that to attribute themselves and to recognize themselves mutually, if to want legitimately to regulate its convivncia with the ways it positive law, for what considers three categories of rights: ) Basic rights for the subjective freedoms of the share; b) Basic rights for the voluntary association of legal community and c) Right Basic for the proteco of the individual rights. (cf. HABERMAS, 1999) In one another context that not philosophical it, the politician, the right, the religion, also if will be able to approach the respect for the human rights: the religion, while cultural dimension of the man, because the religious value is intrinsic to the value citizenship and no government of the world will be able to ignore this cultural source of the citizens. . Investment Banker: the source for more info.

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