Human Rights Help The EM

Pair of artists fair fan clothing to the finals football is the most beautiful thing in the world’s fashion which in any case should be the opinion of the supplier of the German national team. Alone one million DFB Jersey should be removed in addition to shoes, scarves, hats and other merchandise. And while the inhumane treatment by Julia Timoschenko at least in the run-up to the European Championships was a theme, seems to be the conditions under which the fan jerseys are made to take care of no one. That football and human rights but also a hat bring can now prove the artists ANA & ANDA from Karlsruhe, Germany. Just in time to the quarter-finals they have put together the appropriate fan clothing for each game in the respective countries colours and through fair criteria. 14 photos, they present the fair fan clothing to the EM – finals, which comes partly from Second-Hand sources, partly from our own production, but creative and humorous. Because the two artists, the since 11 Years artistically human rights advocate, founded 2010 also a fair eco fashion label.

They produce since elegance sustainable under the name”accessories in all colours in her artists Studio from organic fair-trade, white silk. So we wanted to show that there is another way”, said ANA & ANDA. Because nowhere they found fair manufactured ties or fly. It is also to the EM, the message of artists is different. Fan clothing is some imagination and creativity together, which is much more attractive than a fan Jersey.” A new acquisition for even is often necessary, but rich it a handle in the wardrobe. “And just when this EM a double sign could be so put, ANA & ANDA stress: human rights help the EM” is their motto. On the one hand, by the unfair manufactured jerseys at the store remain. On the other hand as a sign of support for human rights activists and activists in the host country Ukraine. We want, that human rights are respected in the Ukraine. How could we request that in clothes, produced under inhumane conditions? “, ANA & ANDA to ask.” And add with a wink: also it can hurt when football fans on the streets shoot a goal for elegance!

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